Mary Blank. Spring-summer Capsule Collection

Mary Blank. Spring-summer Capsule Collection
Mary Blank. Spring-summer Capsule Collection
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Video: 5900 BC Capsule Collection Spring Summer 2017 | CPM Moscow by Fashion Channel 2023, February

The designer clothing brand Mary Blank is designed in the “Family look” style. The main feature of the brand is the consistent quality of clothing. For the manufacture of things, they use only natural, exquisite fabrics brought from Italy - silk, cotton, knitwear. Mary Blank clothes are designed for children from 9 months old and their modern, mobile, fashion-conscious parents.

The spring-summer 2016 capsule collection is a new interpretation of the classic canons of the young Mary Blank brand. Diversifying clothes for mom and daughter is the message that you want to convey to the public, continuing your journey in search of modernity, convenience and elegance.

The collection is dominated by lengths above and below the knee, mini and maxi ensembles also appeared. The color palette contains such shades as mint, pink, light blue, green, purple, orange. Timeless lace as an element of femininity and sophistication. The collection was decorated with dresses for pregnant women.

Elegant silhouettes, luxurious fabrics and perfect craftsmanship are the foundation of this collection. Bright and joyful, pastel and delicate colors remind of the arrival of summer, and flawless dresses look extremely modern.

Summer collection of women's clothing 2016 is a great chance to feel the lightness, sophistication and unforgettable appeal of your image. This is an affordable selection of trendy clothes for any occasion of life, whether it is a beach walk or a social evening, a casual setting or a gala cocktail.

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