"Birthday Of Gold" At The Estet Jewelry House

"Birthday Of Gold" At The Estet Jewelry House
"Birthday Of Gold" At The Estet Jewelry House
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On September 11, 2009, the Estet Jewelry House announced the "Birthday of Gold". On this day, this largest Russian jewelry house opened a new, modern office building, and the company itself turned 18 years old - adulthood by human standards.

The main host of the holiday was the writer and socialite Lena Lenina - she is also the face of the Estet brand in 2009. Of course, Lena declares that first of all she is a fan of pearls, and even wrote a book about it, but she cannot refuse diamonds either. Despite the fact that Lena said from the stage that a woman should wear one large piece of jewelry and not overdo it with stones, she herself wore diamond earrings, a ring, a diamond bag, sandals and even a microphone. "Like all women, I love decorating myself. The adage 'Girls' best friends are diamonds' works flawlessly: I can even meditate on diamonds!"

The red ribbon opening the new "Estet" building was cut personally by the director of the firm Gagik Gevorkyan. He also confirmed once again his promise to insert a diamond into wedding rings, which were bought from him many years ago, because he admits that then he and his associates did not really know how to work. For 18 years, a lot has changed, and now the most complex jewelry designs of the Gevorkyan family brand or luxurious no-frills rings, necklaces and earrings by one of the leading designers of the Jewelry House Robert Melkumyan adequately represent Russia on the world market.

Two projects were prepared for the date: together with the world-famous artist Nikas Safronov, a calendar was created with jewelry from the Estet jewelry house and portraits of famous Russian women and a photo album of a new collection in which the girls and boys of the Vyacheslav Zaitsev model house became the heroines. The combination of jewelry design work on clothes and not in a figurative sense of jewelry subtleties of the masters of "Esteta" is so harmonious that it aroused admiration both among the guests and skeptical journalists.

By the way, this time the journalists also got gifts. Several dozen golden microphones were thrown into the audience by the stars gathered on the stage. And many gathered - perhaps this is the first event in the autumn secular season, when almost all the declared celebrities came: the Zapashny brothers, Arkady Ukupnik, Sergey Lazarev, Cornelia Mango, Vadim Galygin, Alexey Chumakov and others. Prokhor Shalyapin, Irina Ortman, Shura, the Yin-Yang group performed their hits, but one of the hits of Glucose, accompanied by a fervent performance of the "football players" and the declared "Golden Goal of Arshavin", was performed by the magnificent Russian parodist Alexander Peskov.

In addition, gorgeous black models in fur bikinis also carried jewelry across the hall. Diamonds on the dark skin sparkled so that all the white-skinned ladies in the hall could not help but envy the models.

And at the end of a series of unexpected shows, Gagik Gevorkyan drove into the hall in a luxurious retro car and danced an incendiary tango with Ekaterina Vaganova, the world champion in sports ballroom dancing (in her arsenal, in fact, there are many titles: two-time champion of Russia, four-time champion of Italy, two-time vice-champion of the World, multiple finalist of the World and European championships). And he admitted that for ten days before the holiday he had been dancing with professionals for several hours, so as not to embarrass himself either in front of the guests or in front of a beautiful partner.

By the way, anyone can join the festival of beauty - today a whole pavilion of the Estet jewelry house is opening at the All-Russian Exhibition Center, and in fact, the guests did not see most of the precious items that exist in only one copy each. All this will be presented at an open exposition for all Muscovites and guests of the capital.

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