Miki House Collection Fall-winter 2016-17

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Miki House Collection Fall-winter 2016-17
Miki House Collection Fall-winter 2016-17
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Winter is coming, and Miki House is in a hurry to share great news. In the boutique on Kutuzovsky Prospekt, 35, you can buy children's clothes from a very warm and stylish autumn-winter collection

The limited collection Miki House autumn - winter 2016/2017 pleases both children and their parents with its cashmere luxury.

The concept of this season is “MIKI HOUSE CIRCUS”. Long jackets with SWAROVSKI elements with real Hungarian goose down - the best quality for the most expensive - for children. Hungarian goose down is thoroughly cleaned according to Japanese technology, maintains moisture, clothes with such down are super light and do not hinder movement.

Jackets made of 100% natural cashmere from Mongolia are soft, smooth and delicate, as well as durable, very good at keeping warm. Cashmere is a precious stone among fabrics and is loved all over the world because it is one of the best natural materials.

The new collection also features jacquard jumpers, with three layers making the garment ultra-soft and warm.

Where is without a military trend? This fall and winter, the DOUBLE_B line is presented in a military style!

You can appreciate all the care with which the designers of Miki House approached the creation of this collection in the same place - in Moscow on Kutuzovsky Prospekt, 35.

You will be fascinated!

Brand info

For more than 40 years, the Japanese brand MIKI HOUSE continues to be a trendsetter of children's fashion and quality standards all over the world, embodying the concept of beauty and comfort, which the founders of the company expressed with the words: “We want children who wear our clothes to have a bright and memorable ".

MIKI HOUSE children's clothing is distinguished by the highest quality: thoughtful to the smallest detail cut, durability, delightfully bright colors and branded handmade appliques. All MIKI HOUSE clothes are created taking into account the recommendations of psychologists, they are distinguished by an abundance of applications and interesting details that develop the fine motor skills of babies, the shades of fabrics of future clothes are selected in accordance with the age of the child. The Japanese manufacturer attaches great importance to the quality and manufacturability of things, thoughtfulness of every detail: fabrics, accessories, cut and tailoring of MIKI HOUSE are controlled at all stages using the most advanced developments.



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