On May 26, At The V. Zaitsev Moscow House Of Fashion, A Competition Of Professional Fashion Designers Named After V.I. N. Lamanova

On May 26, At The V. Zaitsev Moscow House Of Fashion, A Competition Of Professional Fashion Designers Named After V.I. N. Lamanova
On May 26, At The V. Zaitsev Moscow House Of Fashion, A Competition Of Professional Fashion Designers Named After V.I. N. Lamanova
Video: On May 26, At The V. Zaitsev Moscow House Of Fashion, A Competition Of Professional Fashion Designers Named After V.I. N. Lamanova
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This year, for the first time, the famous competition was held in a new figurative format “Slava Zaitsev. World of Art”, which allowed the most objective assessment of the work of designers.

At the very beginning, the guests of the competition were in a good mood by showing fragments of the latest collection of SlavZaitsev. This time the maestro limited himself to a demonstration of men's clothes. The show consisted of two parts: classical and modern. After a magnificent performance, the competition began.

36 designers from different cities of Russia and neighboring countries (Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Latvia) showed their collections. The owner of the main prize - the Grand Prix - was personally determined by Vyacheslav Zaitsev, famous art critic Raisa Kirsanova, general producer of the Velvet Seasons in Sochi competition Lyudmila Ivanova. And the jury of the competition, which included Maestro's son, designer Yegor Zaitsev, editor-in-chief of L'Officiel magazine Evelina Khromchenko, fashion designer Masha Sharoeva, fashion journalist Alexander Khilkevich, art critic Alla Shchipakina, director of the Nespresso coffee company in Russia Angela Molch-Leineweber and a representative of a German textile company Drews Vera Müller, named the winners of the first three prizes.

During the meeting of the jury, Yegor Zaitsev and the winner of the competition named after V.I. N. Lamanova last year Sabina Gorelik.

The Grand Prix was awarded to a young and promising designer from Tyumen, Maxim Nekrasov. To the jury, he presented a collection of glamorous outfits using leather and fur. According to the jury member of the journalist Alexander Khilkevich, the clothes of Maxim Nekrasov can already compare with the creations of the famous designer Andrei Sharov, laureate of the 1995 N. Lamanova competition. It is also noteworthy that the designer himself, together with the models, demonstrated things on the catwalk.

The jury of the competition gave the first place to the young Ekaterina Rosatkevich. A fashion designer from Moscow presented elegant, feminine dresses with lots of fashionable ribbons. Her collection was immediately noted by a member of the jury, editor-in-chief of L'Officiel magazine Evelina Khromchenko. She wished the designer to open a store in Moscow as soon as possible, "so that these delightful outfits could be bought."

The second place went to Yulia Kalmanovich. A fragment of the “Dolls” collection amazed many members of the jury and spectators in the hall. Puppet and circus outfits looked colorful and unusual.

The third place was shared by two participants. These are original models of skirts, stockings, corsets and headdresses made of leather from the design duet of Tatiana Shulga and Lyudmila Tereshina. Among the winners was Alexey Vlasov, who dedicated the colorful collection "Girls" to his mother.

Each participant of the competition received an honorary diploma. And the laureates were awarded valuable prizes, monetary awards, gifts and interesting offers from organizers and sponsors. The Grand Prix winner Maxim Nekrasov was also awarded an elegant bronze statuette. He and the winners of the first two places were awarded the Italian designer watches Rivaldy.

Immediately after the competition, Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Zaitsev conducted a kind of "debriefing", assessing each presented collection.

Maestro about the competition: “I am glad that the first competition in the new figurative format was a success. Fashion designers presented magnificent Clothing Ensembles that work for the Image and serve Beauty. I hope that every year the level of our professional competition will be higher and higher. Today the time of bad taste and vulgarity has passed, the classic silhouette in clothes is returning. Therefore, I would like to wish the participants not only to present their collections with dignity, but also to look decent on the podium. You have to match your outfits, you don't have to ruin His Majesty's stunning robe."

Raisa Kirsanova about the competition:“The new format of the competition seemed to me very interesting and justified. Everything was very energetic, the artists fulfilled the conditions of Vyacheslav Mikhailovich, there were many original shows. I would like to highlight two points in connection with this great competition. First, for the first time, the role of the great Russian fashion designer Natalia Lamanova was noted in modern culture. Before that, no one knew about her, she was undeservedly underestimated by her descendants. It is no coincidence that it was the Vyacheslav Zaitsev Fashion House that decided to pay tribute to the most successful Russian designer. After all, the Maestro always follows historical traditions in his work. Secondly, the main difference of this competition is that among the participants almost all the already established masters. It can be seen that they worked not only with a needle and a thimble, but also mastered the cultural heritage”.

Egor Zaitsev about the competition: “Of course, this year the level of the competition is much higher. Many very strong collections were presented. The new format and an expanded jury allowed for the most objective assessment of the participants. The best were not bypassed. I see a bunch of opportunities for expanding the competition in the near future. And I hope that the information support of the Artefact agency will be able to bring our competition to a fundamentally new level."

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