Slava Zaitsev - "WORLD OF ART". Competition Of Professional Fashion Designers. N. Lamanova

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Slava Zaitsev - "WORLD OF ART". Competition Of Professional Fashion Designers. N. Lamanova
Slava Zaitsev - "WORLD OF ART". Competition Of Professional Fashion Designers. N. Lamanova
Video: Slava Zaitsev - "WORLD OF ART". Competition Of Professional Fashion Designers. N. Lamanova
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MAY 26, 2006

under the patronage of Slava Zaitsev

Dear Colleagues

I sincerely dream of raising the bar for the skills of the participants of our Competition and I urge you to create unique, in terms of both stylistic and artistic and decorative solutions, New Images of the coming changes in the Suit of the 3rd millennium.

Our Competition is a kind of creative forum, the exchange of the latest achievements in the field of modeling, design and clothing technology, which involves, in the course of discussions, identifying the most real achievements of the participants, whose ideas could become models for novice fashion designers.

Preserving the accumulated experience of the past millennium in terms of purity and clarity of form, delicacy in details, functional importance, refined relaxedness and femininity, I invite you to bring to the images fashioned by Christian Dior and Yves Saint Laurent - geniuses of the 20th century in the art of fashion, as well as their by the brightest contemporaries such as Cristobal Balenciaga, Gubert de Givenchy, Jean-Louis Scherrer, Mario Valentino, Thierry Mugler, Jean-Franco Ferré and Others - a charisma characteristic of our time that would captivate and conquer the younger generation with its mesmerizing novelty.

Participants should focus on the creation of a modern, harmonious and holistic Image and the highest culture of making Clothing Ensembles.

I suggest you give preference to the following assortment groups: a daytime business set for the office and the street, a suit-ensemble for receptions and presentations, a dress-coat for outdoor receptions, an elegant ensemble for formal gala receptions and, of course, a little black dress!

I recommend enriching the artistic solution of the presented collections with the presence of additions, accessories that create the integrity and completeness of the Ensembles: shoes, smooth, colored and decorative tights, socks, gloves, hats, jewelry, bags, hairstyles, make-up - everything should work for the Image.

The competition also involves the participation of masters-artists in hats, underwear, fur and leather - solved only in an ensemble with clothes (for hats and underwear) and with garments in the leather and fur group.

I think that the time has come for the appearance on the modern catwalk of the classy masters of His Majesty the Art of Clothing.

I look forward to and hope for your striving for the heights of professionalism.

Good luck!

Slava Zaitsev

TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF PARTICIPATION IN THE COMPETITION - 1. Applications for participation in the Competition are accepted in the form of a portfolio (participant's resume,

- a brief description of the collection, sketches (A4 format) of competitive models in color, or with

- samples of fabrics).

Address: 129110 Moscow, Prospect Mira, 21, Vyacheslav Zaitsev Fashion House, N. Lamanova

phone: 8 (495) 631 05 92, 631 08 14, fax: 631 55 75

2. Competition “Slava Zaitsev. WORLD OF ART "is held on May 25-26, 2006:

May 25 (Thursday): 10.00 - arrival and accommodation of participants,

12.00 - casting of models, fitting, rehearsal;

May 26 (Friday): 12.00 - the beginning of the competition program.

Within the framework of the Contest “Glory Zaitsev. WORLD OF ART”will show fragments of the collections of SLAVZAITSEV and the project“Egor Zaitsev FOR YEGOR”, presented at Fashion Week in Moscow and Russian Fashion Week.

As a prize from the House of Slava Zaitsev, the winner is guaranteed a professional photo session and publications in the press. Three cash prizes and one Grand Prix are approved. Specials are not excluded. prizes from our sponsors.

After the end of the competition, all participants gather for a discussion - a discussion on the results of what they saw and an exchange of views on the prospects for the development of the art of fashion modeling - on the ways of unification, cooperation of specialists from related industries of the fashion industry - a discussion-seminar is held with the participation of Vyacheslav Zaitsev and Raisa Kirsanova.

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