SLAVA ZAITSEV. Autumn-Winter 2016-17 "Golden Age" Collection

SLAVA ZAITSEV. Autumn-Winter 2016-17 "Golden Age" Collection
SLAVA ZAITSEV. Autumn-Winter 2016-17 "Golden Age" Collection

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The Golden Age is a kind of myth, a representation that is present in the mythology of almost all peoples, a blissful state of primitive mankind that lived in harmony with nature and itself. This expression is called the brightest historical epochs, which are primarily known for their culture and art, which became a breakthrough and flourishing - "The Golden Age of Russian Literature", "The Golden Age of the Renaissance."

Calling the collection "Golden Age", Vyacheslav Zaitsev refers us to all these concepts. This is the harmony of the human image, the harmony of the external and internal, soul and body, material and form in which it is embodied. And the belief that, despite the seeming devastation in the country and the opinion of many that we do not have a fashion industry, right now it is flourishing and making itself felt. And faith in the revival of Russia itself in its spirituality and culture.

The story that the collection tells is the story of the transition from dark Gothic (recent past) to bright colors and glitter of gold (near future, our Golden Age). Historical motifs in the composition, the famous "Zaytsev" silhouette, fabrics from all over the world - Indian saris, Tajik silk, French organza, Pavlovo Posad shawls - all this makes the collection look like a treasury. Moreover, this time there will be a lot of glitter of gold in it!

Shop "haute couture" of the Moscow House of Fashion Vyacheslav Zaitsev

Torzhok gold seamstresses

Show Hats:

Lilia Gureeva, Ekaterina Vologdina, Flowers and Fashion salon Nadezhda Chereda

Art director of the collection: Galina Kryuchkova

We express our gratitude for the help in the preparation of the show to the Moscow club of makeup artists and personally to Natalya Cherkasova

Show bags: Dmitry Krok

Show stylist: Ekaterina Melnikova

Show director: Ekaterina Romashkina

Show models: Z`S Models

Photo - Dima Babushkin

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