Vyacheslav Zaitsev's Show At Fashion Week In Moscow: A Holiday For People In Love With Beauty

Vyacheslav Zaitsev's Show At Fashion Week In Moscow: A Holiday For People In Love With Beauty
Vyacheslav Zaitsev's Show At Fashion Week In Moscow: A Holiday For People In Love With Beauty

Video: Vyacheslav Zaitsev's Show At Fashion Week In Moscow: A Holiday For People In Love With Beauty

Video: Vyacheslav Zaitsev's Show At Fashion Week In Moscow: A Holiday For People In Love With Beauty
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Vyacheslav Zaitsev's show at Gostiny Dvor became a real treat for people in love with beauty. The couturier, recognized as a "visiting card" of Russian fashion in the global fashion industry, presented all areas of his work, from classical to folk.

The maestro himself designated his show as "a holiday for people in love with beauty." Throughout the entire action, he himself directed the defile.

In the first part of the show, Zaitsev presented models from the archive. An excursion into the 80s proved once again that everything is returning to normal. 15-year-old men's suits may well be interpreted in a new way. The hero is a languid snobby who knows his own worth, a self-sufficient and respectable character.

Demonstration of the new collection took place in the second part of the show. Zaitsev proposes to meet the winter with optimism. The fall-winter season is characterized by bright fantastic designs on fabric and expensive finishes. In contrast to the previous collection, the colors have become deeper and more saturated. The whole spectrum of red is used - from cherry to fire color. Complemented by bronze, metallic gold, emerald green. In the romantic direction, delicate pastels prevail - peach, lavender, greenish-blue, and the emphasis is on the pearlescent sheen of the fabrics. A variant of the elegant style is dark shade tones combined with lighter shades, such as bluish blue and azure. Deep brown has migrated from past shows to the new collection. In combination with beige and gold, it looks especially elegant.

The upcoming season is marked by bright fantasy patterns on fabrics and their contrasting combinations. Peas and cages can be of all sizes, but always in bright colors.

The hit of the season is short coats, so comfortable for the emancipated representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. Wide patch pockets and huge buttons, which have turned into an original decorative element, add a special chic to the models.

And yet, the best adornment for a woman is the elegant companion. Bright colors: green, red - are applicable in the male line. What are the scarlet coats, which give the characters an attractive demonism! Simple fit, no unnecessary details. The whole secret is in rich color. “There is nothing more eternal than a loved one. Red is among my favorites, it is the color of joy and life,”the maestro comments on the show. A man-gift acts as a concrete embodiment of all the secret female dreams. The cunning of the fashion designer - a funny mohawk hat combined with an elegant suit - is like a pleasant childhood memory.

In his everyday line, Zaitsev proclaims: elegance from morning to evening! Ladylike style is expensive and sophisticated. At the same time, however, you can look quite flirtatious. So that your boyfriend could not think about anything else. With the return of the elegant suit, a lot of attention is paid to the jacket. This season, preference is given to the feminine, figure-flattering. The most current model is a cropped jacket (from the hip line and above) with a natural, but clearly defined shoulder line. Short jackets have an X-shaped silhouette, and the waist can be accentuated by a belt.

The little woolen dress is the epitome of style. A woman is "made" by accessories and chic hats. The maestro seems to be leafing through the pages of his own passions and loves: a play of contrasts in black-white-red colors. The couturier tends to romanticism, feminine chic is achieved with the help of jewelry, accessories and small spectacular details in clothes, since the main trend is to wear luxurious things even on a weekday.

The pea theme is popular in streetwear, giving charm and charm to a bold, self-confident woman. For the off-season, exquisite light coats and raincoats made of viscose and cotton are very useful, as a reminder of summer.

The fashion designer presented folk and ethnics in male and female stylized costumes. Here, southern Russian motifs prevailed in ornament, colors of fabrics and styles. The classic cut of Russian national costumes is time-tested. And today you can feel extremely comfortable in them.

New chic textures of fabrics allow you to plunge into the luxury of the evening. Actress Elena Shapovalova opened part of the "evening" show. This is where the real demonstration of female superiority took place! Corsets emphasize the breathtaking elegance of forms. The collection combines bohemian chic and new colors, unique materials and cutting-edge technology.

Among the accessories, the greatest variety is distinguished by bags - the most incredible colors with skillful embroidery and expensive inlay. Ethnic motives come to life in ornaments, fringes and embroidery. 70s and 80s style bags are worn on gold shoulder chains, while elegant ladylike style handbags are carried with tops. The main thing is that accessories and jewelry are luxurious, expensive and even a little arrogant. All this is at the height of fashion. Remember, though, ladylike's graceful style, if taken too seriously, can easily add a few extra years to you. Therefore, feel free to add elements of the game to the classic style and do not be afraid to experiment with chiffon and kid blouses, high boots, cashmere turtlenecks, large hoods, flat shoes and colored tights. This will slightly violate the severity of the image, but it will bring novelty and humor to it.

The menswear line is represented by pret-a-Porte de lux models: elegant suits of perfect cut from fabrics of amazing quality.

The designer interpreted the oriental theme in two versions:

1) "Russian China". In Paris, the couturier acquired chic Chinese fabrics, which he stylized in the traditional Russian manner. The Chinese musical accompaniment gave a special rhythm to the show. This defile Zaitsev described as a "Chinese avalanche".

2) Russian theme from Indian fabrics: an extraordinary beauty combination of cashmere and organza. Outfits that boggle the imagination. In the new collection, the designer puts even more emphasis on sensual femininity.

The finale of the action is "Russian Waltz" by Pakhmutova. The bride's exit is a celebration of the woman-goddess. The maestro's clothes deserve that passionate adoration that the most elegant women show towards her!

photo - fashiontime.ru

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