XXXIII International Competition For Young Designers "Exercise". Announcement

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XXXIII International Competition For Young Designers "Exercise". Announcement
XXXIII International Competition For Young Designers "Exercise". Announcement
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February 19, 2013 in Moscow

within the framework of the largest national exhibition of the

40th anniversary Federal Fair “Textillegprom” (February 19-22, 2013).

Exercise was founded in 1995 with the support of the master of Russian fashion V.M. Zaitsev.

Exercise is the only Russian youth competition that takes place in the format of world fashion weeks - twice a year with the presentation of promising seasonal collections.

Students of vocational education institutions that train specialists in the field of design, modeling, engineering, technology and manufacture of clothing and young professionals are invited.

Conditions for participation in the Competition:

• Collections of prêt-a-porter and prêt-a-porter de luxe clothing models for the fall-winter 2013/14 season will be presented.

• Collections are presented for the first time by one or two authors from 5-7 units.

• The author's image of the collection is presented - a file in JPEC format with a resolution of 1024x768 pixels.

• Presentation of the collection in Microsoft Power Point (office no later than 2003, total volume no more than 3 Mb) - photograph of the entire collection (or collage); one photo of each model in the collection; photo of the author, etc.

• A printed advertising material (booklet, lookbook, calendar, etc.) is

submitted. Application deadline: January 10, 2013

Nominations for the Competition:

• youth clothing, • men's clothing, • business clothing, • small dress (small classic dress, cocktail dress, evening dress), • designer - manufacturing company.

Evaluation criteria and goals of the Contest nominations:

• Collection - as a fashion forecast (the ability to capture the variability of fashion, its color, texture and design solutions, use fashionable forms, materials, accessories);

• Collection - as an image of the future consumer (the harmony between the form of clothing and real images and types of models is assessed);

• Collection - as a stylistic unity (the main role is played by the general character of the geometric shape of the products based on the forecast);

• Collection - as a system of values ​​(the ability to predict, direct and manage consumer demands is assessed);

• Collection - as a result of a pragmatic approach to design (the mutual succession of things, the ability to create a universal fashion of the future are assessed).

Prize fund of the Competition:

Grand Prix of the Competition:

Grants from Roslegprom OJSC, RLP-Yarmarka LLC, Exercise Project, F5 Company and other sponsors:

• for the best prêt-a-porter collection, • for the best prêt-a collection -porter de luxe.

The main prize in each nomination of the Competition is “Golden Model”, the author of the statuette is designer Lyudmila Karnaukhova.

Competition prizes:

• All participants in the competition receive diplomas and prizes.

• Medals "For success in scientific and technical creativity" and "Laureate of the All-Russian Exhibition Center", diplomas of the All-Russian Exhibition Center.

• Internships with leading designers and industry firms: Lyudmila Mezentseva (TM "Vereteno"), Sergei Sysoev (TM "Sergei Sysoev"), Anna Chistova and Marina Endourova (Design brand CHISTOVA & ENDOUROVA), Yulia Myatkovskaya (company F5), from Vladimir Zubets (Samos and Trimonti companies), etc.

• The EDIPRESSE-KONLIG Publishing House awards subscriptions to the Fashion Industry, International Textiles, Atelier magazines, books and collections.

• Mannequins from the Design Studio “Model Workshop”;

• Intellectual prize from NPO "Gracia" - System of Automated Design and preparation of garments production "Gracia" (student version).

• Information and analytical agency "Russian Trade Marks" (portal Rustm.Net) publishes personal creative pages of young designers who won in the nominations of the competition.

Competition Jury

Co-Chairmen of the Competition Jury:

• Vladimir Zubets - Leading Designer of the Samos and Trimonti Companies

• Sergey Sysoev - Member of the Russian Haute Couture and Pre-a- Porter Association, designer TM “Sergey Sysoev”

Competition Jury:

• Elina Androsova - Vice-President of the Interregional Association of Fashion Houses - Center for Support and Development of the Fashion Industry, Candidate of Cultural Studies, Associate Professor, Designer

• Irina Ashkinadze - President of the "Defile on the Neva" company, General Producer of the Fashion Week in St. Petersburg

• Elena Kogel - Head of the Fashion project

• Lyudmila Mezentseva - General Director of Nature Line and designer of TM Vereteno

• Yulia Myatkovskaya - Chief Designer of F5

• Anna Chistova and Marina Endourova - designers of the CHISTOVA & ENDOUROVA Design Brand

Competition partners:

General partner: Roslegprom OJSC and RLP LLC -Fair".

Strategic partner: F5 Company, Design Studio “Model Workshop”.

Intellectual partner: NGO "Grazia".

Special partner: DnN St. Fashion Week Petersburg Fashion Week (Defile on the Neva)

Technical partner: Tekhnologiya Praznika and Videonika studio

Partners: Vereteno TM, Sergey Sysoev TM, CHISTOVA & ENDOUROVA DM, Gratsia NPO.

Model Agency: I model

Media partners of the Competition:

General media partner: RIA Fashion

Official media partner: Osinka

Professional support of the Competition:

EDIPRESSE-KONLIGA publishing house: magazines - Fashion Industry, Atelier, International Textiles

Media partners:

Publishing houses: PROfashion,

Magazines: FMD, Fashion store, Clothing industry, Courier. Light industry market

Internet portals: Fashionable Russia,, FG.RU, Russian Business Register, Russian trade marks, FashionUnited, CITYCELEBRITY, Photoproject OLE.BY,,, Modnoje Bieljo, etc.


tel./fax: (499) 245-39-41, 8 –903-664-65-93

e-mail: [email protected]; [email protected];

Detailed information -

Facebook address:

Head of the Fashion of Russia Project Vera Tugova

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