Buyer's Shows At The 39th Federal Wholesale Fair

Buyer's Shows At The 39th Federal Wholesale Fair
Buyer's Shows At The 39th Federal Wholesale Fair
Video: Buyer's Shows At The 39th Federal Wholesale Fair
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In February 2012, within the framework of the 38th Federal Wholesale Fair of Goods and Equipment for Textile and Light Industry “Textillegprom”, the exhibition company “RLP-Yarmarka” together with TM “Vereteno” opened a new type of displays at the Federal Fair “Textillegprom” - buyer's shows.

The purpose of a buyer's show at Tekstillegprom is to show as much as possible the capabilities of a manufacturing company for the subsequent ordering of goods by a buyer, as opposed to shows at fashion weeks, which demonstrate the capabilities of a designer.

At the fair, the “defile + exhibition stand” format unites the efforts of the two events into one whole. The catwalk allows you to show the design and stylistic features of the collection, real plastic in motion, the reaction of the end consumer, get comments from experts in the fashion industry, and effectively advertise your products. And then, in the showroom, take a closer look at the models, get acquainted with the size range, product quality, materials used, design and technological features and product prices.

ТМ "GIOIDI MAMMA", Andrienko Olga, Moscow Spring-summer "EpocBellissima" and Autumn-winter "Floreale", Gold medal "VVC Winner"

Group of companies "UZTEX", Kogan Victoria, Tashkent, Che Ganzo

ТМ "DONATTO" ", Company" APRIL XXI century ", Maximov Maxim, Moscow, Spring-summer 2013

TM" AMANITA ", Rutkovskaya Ekaterina, Nizhny Novgorod, Amanit

Company" Merlis ", Ishutina Elena, Voronezh, Tiramisu


Director of the Competition: Ekaterina Rogova - prima (1992-2001) of the Slava Zaitsev Fashion Theater.

Director Assistant: Daria Kalyuzhnaya

Competition Stylist: Elena Bayramova

Makeup Artists: Alpatoy Bashirova, Janet Bashirova, Anna Prikazyuk, Hairdressers: Yuliana Kudryavtseva, Marina Kozlova, Shana Bozorova Dressers

: Valeria Russkikh, Lidia Volkova, Nina Pitumovy, Secretary Olga Borodian Nadezhda Titova, Ksenia, Belobrodova

Model agency (girls, boys) - I MODEL

Model agency (children) - BABY TEEN (Marina Maro)

Show director: Alexey Safronov

Show sound engineer: Maxim Glinkin

Official show photographer: Natalia Bukhonina, RIA Fashion

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