IV Competition For The "Fashion Of Russia" Prize

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IV Competition For The "Fashion Of Russia" Prize
IV Competition For The "Fashion Of Russia" Prize
Video: IV Competition For The "Fashion Of Russia" Prize
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The "FASHION OF RUSSIA" prize is the highest award at the main national exhibition - the Federal Fair "Textillegprom", awarded for professional and creative achievements in the field of fashion and design in Russia.

The symbol of the Prize - the "PODIUM" statuette - a stylized model on the podium, is awarded to the winner in each nomination of the competition. The author is Lyudmila Karnaukhova.

Expert advice of the competition:

Irina Ashkinadze - President of the "Defile on the Neva" company, general producer of the fashion week in St. Petersburg.

Maria Volodina - Deputy Commercial Director of the Detsky Mir group of companies

Andrey Burmatikov - expert in the fashion industry, director of the FASHIONDNA consulting group

Model agencies: I model and BABY TEEN

List of participants:

1) line of ready-to-wear women's clothing, TM "E-Line moda", Pai Natalia, Bishkek, "In the Kingdom of Magnolias";

2) a line of ready-to-wear men's clothing, TM "LEXMER", Group of designers of GC "VALENTI", Ivanovo, spring-summer 2013;

3) ready-to-wear line of women's outerwear, TM "SINTA", LLC "Gortek Star", Group of designers, Moscow, spring-summer 2013, "Summer Jazz";

4) line of ready-to-wear children's clothing, TM "Colibry", Bibikova Nadezhda, St. Petersburg, "Kraski Leta";

5) ready-to-wear line of women's clothing, TM "Diana", Dolgova Diana, Deeva Anna, Novosibirsk, Spring-summer 2013 Light Motions;

6) ready-to-wear line for men's clothing, TM "Vester", OJSC "Elita", Purkina Tatyana, Novocheboksarsk, spring-summer 2013;

7) line of ready-to-wear women's clothing, JSC "Kupalinka", Volchek Ekaterina, Tkachenko Svetlana, Soligorsk, "Lady Huntress";

8) a line of ready-to-wear clothing for sports and leisure, TM "Tagerton", Natalia Vorobyova, Nadezhda Turkunova, Alekseevskaya Vera, Shchekino, Life in Motion with "Tagerton";

9) ready-to-wear line of underwear, LLC "Orchid", Tiraturyan Armine, Atrrepieva Anna, Moscow, "Sweet Dream".

All collections presented in the competition have shown their high professionalism and competitiveness in the Russian fashion market.

The collections were shown according to the list set out above. Enjoy watching)))

Photo - Natalie Yashkova

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