31st International Competition Of Young Designers "Exercise"

31st International Competition Of Young Designers "Exercise"
31st International Competition Of Young Designers "Exercise"

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Collections of the Exercise competition can be shown on the catwalks of London and Milan,”says Vladimir Zubets.

The 38th Federal Fair "Textillegprom", which took place in Moscow at the All-Russian Exhibition Center from February 28 to March 02, on the first day of its work, provided a podium for young designers - 31 International Competition "Exercise".

More than two hours of the competition took place in one breath. The audience burst into applause uncontrollably. At the briefing, immediately after the competition, Vladimir Zubets noted: “The current Exercise differs from all previous ones by virtuoso work with forms, the relevance and freshness of collections, work with color, interesting headdresses and accessories made especially for the collections. And the collection “The Last Bullfighting” can be shown on the catwalks of London and Milan”.

The jury of the competition was headed by Vladimir Zubets - the leading designer of the companies "Samos" and "Trimonti" and Sergey Sysoev - a member of the Russian Haute Couture Association and pre-a-porter, designer TM "Sergey Sysoev". The jury included Irina Ashkinadze - President of the Defile on the Neva company, general producer of the St. Petersburg Fashion Week; Elena Kogel - Head of the Modelers.ru project; Lyudmila Mezentseva - designer of TM "Vereteno"; Yulia Myatkovskaya is the chief designer of the F5 company.

The first Grand Prix of the competition and a cash prize from OJSC Roslegprom and the exhibition company RLP-Yarmarka were awarded to Lyudmila Ivanova from Chelyabinsk, who presented the collection of youth clothing “Shadows of Orleans”. For his masterly work with leather, the author was invited by designer Vladimir Zubets for an internship. In addition, Lyudmila was awarded an intellectual prize - CAD "Gratsia", which was presented by Vitaly Yeshchenko, President of the NGO "GRATSIA".

The second Grand Prix of the competition and a cash prize from the F5 company and the Exercise Project were awarded to Stepan Kazyavin from Shakhty for the Last Bullfighting men's businesswear collection. Vladimir Zubets commented: “I was hooked by the collection“The Last Bullfight”. This is an absolutely masculine image. A beautiful mix of unusual things”. Stepan received an invitation from the chief designer of the F5 company, Yulia Myatkovskaya, to create a capsule collection for this company.

The winners in the nominations are:

Safonova Ekaterina from Minsk created a slightly disturbing and very romantic image in the youth collection “Spewing out the Soul”. The collection suits are functional and comfortable. Head adornments in the form of original masks added stage expressiveness to the collection, but did not distract attention from the author's high-quality work with the material.

Ekaterina Kurbatova from Samara for the youth collection “Women's Team” has collected many wonderful comments from the jury members. So Vladimir Zubets said: “The collection“Women's team”, I liked the novelty, laconic in shape and color, very real and absolutely wearable things, while feeling fresh and sharp. Clothes of the 21st century”. Sergey Sysoev invited Ekaterina to undergo an internship in his own brand “Sergey Sysoev”.

Anna Makoven from Samara presented a collection for young men “Homme allure”.

Design group “3 D” from Moscow, authors Irina Kozlova, Maria Basenova and Svetlana Topal have created a highly professional creative work in the collection “Aqueduct”, presented in the nomination “business clothes”.

Another design group "RH" from Moscow, authors Ekaterina Rumyantseva, Svetlana Potulova, Olga Bukhanova, Alena Gladilina in the collection "Lil", presented in the nomination "small dress", used such a simple and familiar technological element as folds-tucks, and in this they were able to create the most complex forms in terms of constructive and technological principles.

All those awarded the Grand Prix and 1st degree diplomas received the main prize of the competition from the Exercise Project - the Golden Model statuette. Publishing House EDIPRESSE-KONLIGA, which produces the best publications for professionals in the fashion industry, awarded with subscriptions to the magazines Fashion Industry, International Textiles, Atelier, professional books and collections. Information and analytical agency "Russian Trade Marks" will place personal creative pages of young designers on its portal Rustm.Net.

Second degree diplomas and dummies from the permanent partner of the Exercise competition for 31 seasons - Design Studio Model Workshop were awarded to:

Vladlen Zvagolsky from Cherkessk, in the Fan Club youth collection, demonstrated not only excellent constructive and technological skills, but also the talent of a subtle colorist. Vladlen was invited to an internship by Lyudmila Mezentseva at TM “Vereteno”.

Maria Nazarova from Moscow in the collection “Not Children in a Cage” created an image for the most difficult consumer - a teenager.

Maria Zvereva from Ivanova in the youth collection “Sparrows” has thought through everything to the smallest detail (however, there are no trifles in fashion) - a virtuoso cut, complex textures, coloristic integrity, original accessories. Maria was invited to an internship at the "Modelers.ru" project.

Alena Lantukh from Ivanovo, in the “Ink” collection, demonstrated her masterful mastery of the techniques of complex shaping, characteristic of the Ivanovo school.

Tatyana Mitrokhina from Shakhty “blew up” the audience with a riot of southern colors. Her “I Feel You…” collection made audiences marvel at the beauty of evolving chiffon fabrics with vibrant color prints. Besides, the advantages of the collection are confident design work and an excellent understanding of modern trends.

Third degree diplomas and special prizes from the Exercise Project were received by:

Elena Baryshnikova from Ivanovo presented the youth collection “Wings”, exquisitely subtle in the use of expressive techniques and, at the same time, very precise in terms of the integrity of the image.

Yulia Kayeta and Polina Otchik from Moscow have created the Sepia youth collection, captivating with excellent compositional and coloristic work. The authors have been invited to an internship by Lyudmila Mezentseva at TM “Vereteno”.

Urzun Svetlana from Moscow in her youth collection "Megapolye" relied on prints that are relevant in the fashionable season. She turns photographs of urban landscapes into decorative motifs and arranges them in dresses, using the traditional composition of Russian folk costume.

Alena Dobrioglo and Nadezhda Stepushova from Kirov presented a bold youth collection “Three D”, using achromatic contrast and clear rhythmic play of geometric shapes.

Yulia Seydokina from Samara presented the “Second Body” youth collection. which has an undeniable commercial appeal - the products are oriented towards industrial production and are not boring at all. The collection is perfectly complemented by designer “rope” accessories.

Ekaterina Spirova from Ivanov poeticized the romance of flight in her youth collection "Aviator".

Sartakov Ekaterina from Shakhty was inspired by another element - water. Her collection "Running on the Waves", created from light quivering chiffons, thanks to an original technological method, creates the effect of oncoming and frolicking sea waves.

Maria Akireykina from Ulyanovsk with the collection “To Russia with Love” offered her version of the image of a modern man.

The Designers.ru project also invited Muscovites Alexandra Chernyshevskaya and Olga Subbotina, who created the collection Listening to Silence, for an internship, and Elizaveta Novikova from Penza, who captivated the audience with a naughty collection of Sweatshirts in the Avant-Garde. In addition, the Modelers.ru project together with the Svoy Style company awarded Vitaly Busygina from Chelyabinsk for the commercial collection “Youth, frisky, charmer” with a certificate for receiving fabrics for a future collection with its subsequent promotion, including placing an order in production, a photo session, advertising, providing space for sales in each of the stores and on the website, working with the wholesale department of the "Modelers.ru" project.

Gerber Technology Solutions for the best commercial collection awarded Marina Antonova from Togliatti, who used an original design solution in her Plumeage collection, a special prize - the right to train industrial modeling and prepare a cut for production at the Gerber Technology Solutions training center, as well as a laptop with a licensed AccuMark Gerber Technology software.

The Muscovite Ludmila Krzheminskaya, who created the collection “All the way around”, was invited by Lyudmila Mezentseva to study at the “Nature Line” company (TM “Vereteno”).

According to the results for 2011, the Department of Textile Design of the Ivanovo State Textile Academy was recognized as the best school of design in Russia, head. Chair Natalia Mizonova.

The medals “For Scientific and Technical Creativity” were awarded to:

  • Mizonova Natalya Grigorievna - head. Department of Textile Design, Ivanovo State Textile Academy, Professor
  • Druzhinina Maria Valerievna - Head of the Student Model House of the South Russian State University of Economics and Service

VVC diplomas were awarded to:

  • Department of Textile Design, Ivanovo State Textile Academy.
  • Educational and Methodological Center of the Moscow Department of Education.
  • Rector of the Ivanovo State Textile Academy, Professor G.I. Purebeards.
  • Rector of the South Russian State University of Economics and Service, N.N. Prokopenko.
  • Student House of Models of the South - Russian State University of Economics and Service.
  • Samara State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering.
  • Kazan National Research Technological University.
  • College of arts and crafts №36 named. K. Faberge, Moscow.

Many thanks to the team that provided the competitive screening: director - Ekaterina Rogova, sound engineer - Maxim Glinkin, light director - Alexey Safronov, stylist - Elena Bayramova, makeup artists - Alpata and Janet Bashirov, Anna Prikazyuk, hairdressers - Marina Kozlova, Ekaterina Shushpanova, Yuliana Klyueva Bozorova, coordinator - Natalia Pilkina, secretariat - Nadezhda Titova, Natalia Molchanova, and Ksenia Belobrodova, modeling agency - I MODEL.

The next XXXII International Competition for Young Fashion Designers "Exercise" will be held on September 25, 2012 within the framework of the 39th Federal Fair "Textillegprom" in Moscow at the All-Russian Exhibition Center.

In conclusion, I would like to thank the Intermoda.ru portal and personally Dmitry Babushkin for supporting the young designers of the Exercise competition over the years.

Photo - Natalia Lapina, RIA Fashion.

Head of Business Programs of LLC “RLP-Fair” - Vera Tugova and head. Head of the Design Department of the Institute of Architecture at the SFedU - Tatiana Berdnik

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