XXII Competition "Exercise" Discovered New Names

XXII Competition "Exercise" Discovered New Names
XXII Competition "Exercise" Discovered New Names
Video: XXII Competition "Exercise" Discovered New Names
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The last sounds of fanfare died down and thunderous applause died down - one of the brightest and most professional competitions - the International Competition of Young Designers "Exercise", has ended. The final of the competition took place on September 20 at the XXIX Federal Fair of Light Industry "Textillegprom" - the main national exhibition site in the field of the fashion industry.

The contestants presented their vision of the prospects and fashion trends of the "spring-summer 2008" season in the nominations: "youth clothes", "little dress", "business clothes", "menswear" and a relatively new but promising nomination "designer - production firm". Highly raised professional bar of collections of young designers in recent seasons has been marked by new records. The jury, which consisted of famous Russian designers, wondered what to expect at the upcoming competition in February 2008.

Marina Pavlova from Togliatti ("Gorokh") for the best collection received the Grand Prix of the competition and substantial monetary awards from OJSC Roslegprom, LLC RLP-Yarmarka, Kristy and Project Exersis for the best pret-a-porter collection pret-a-porter de luxe co-authors Tatiana Preobrazhenskaya and Anastasia Dogadova from Ivanovo ("Margarita").

The winners in the nominations were: Nadezhda Kolpakova from Ivanovo ("Princess"), Kristina Kharlashkina from Samara ("Kassandra"), Vladislav Volkov and Ekaterina Ivanovskaya from Chelyabinsk (Chercher lfemme), Valeria Krasavina from Moscow ("Ash Chic").

All those awarded the Grand Prix and 1st degree diplomas received the main prize of the competition from LLC RLP-Yarmarka - the statuette "GOLDEN MODEL".

Go for it, young and talented! The competition continues the marathon in 2008, when for the first time the final of the International competition of fashion designers and designers of clothes "Exercise" will be held in Togliatti with the Grand Prix car VAZ 2110.

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