Exercise Discovers New Names For The Fashion Industry

Exercise Discovers New Names For The Fashion Industry
Exercise Discovers New Names For The Fashion Industry
Video: Exercise Discovers New Names For The Fashion Industry
Video: How To Name Your Fashion Brand (With Actual Exercise!) 2023, February

This fall, the Exercise International Competition has once again confirmed the status of the event, where new names are being discovered for the fashion industry. So Ruslan Gumennyi at RFW and Anna Daminova at UFW, who presented their debut collections, became real discoveries at the past fashion weeks. No less significant was the invitation for the winners of the Exercise competition to take part in a screening within the framework of the Alluring Worlds Festival of Arts, organized by the Cultural Foundation for Supporting National Arts.

The next Festival of Arts of the Peoples of Russia, held at the end of November at the Moscow International House of Music, attracted the attention of the general public, professionals, art representatives and numerous media outlets. Three programs - "Echo of the Mountains", "Russian Spaces", and "Polar Circle" - presented 30 regions of Russia, in which more than 100 peoples live.

Concerts were held by professional groups that are the pride of Russia and represent it at world forums and festivals - the choir named after Pyatnitsky and the dance ensemble of Dagestan "Lezginka", as well as unique ethnic ensembles "Chukotka", "Namgar", "Uslada", "Volzhanochka", "Syra Sev", the Theater of the Ob-Ugric peoples, etc. program, the total time of which was 34 hours. This program brought together performances of youth ethnic groups, an exhibition and sale of products of traditional crafts and crafts, an exhibition of drawings and photographs, “round tables”, master classes of ethnomusic and ethnochoreography. Goldsmiths of Dagestan, woodcarvers and specialists in processing mammoth bones from Taimyr, gold embroiderers from Moscow shared their secrets of craftsmanship with numerous spectators.

The apotheosis of the youth program on the last day of the festival was the display of unique collections of traditional ethnic clothes and modern clothes with ethnic elements. In the collections presented by the Vladikavkaz Institute of Fashion, the national elements of the Ossetian costume, like streams of a river, plunged into the sand of time, disappearing and refinedly reappearing in complete modern images. The collections of the indigenous peoples of the North, Siberia and the Far East were presented both in their authentic form and in an authentic tradition that harbors the wisdom of peoples who respect their history and the beauty of the land on which they were raised. At the end of the show, the collections of the participants of the Exercise International Competition were presented. In these collections, young designers were able to competently use the national traditions of Russian costume,creating promising modern clothes that will be in demand by the consumer tomorrow.

World experience shows: no matter how far civilization takes a person away from nature, from its origins, he will still return to them. And he will try to understand the worlds beckoning with their unknowingness, greatness and universal wisdom.

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