International Competition Of Young Fashion Designers And Designers "Exercise" March 31

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International Competition Of Young Fashion Designers And Designers "Exercise" March 31
International Competition Of Young Fashion Designers And Designers "Exercise" March 31
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Date: March 31, 2006 at 10:30, Pavilion No. 69 of the All-Russian Exhibition Center, Big Conference Hall, within the framework of the XXVI Federal Fair "Textillegprom"

Conditions of participation in the Competition:

The collections of models of the prêt-a-porter and prêt-a-porter de luxe class are presented.

Collections can be presented by one or two authors and consist of 5-7 units.

The collections should demonstrate new ideas, individual vision of modern trends and trends in fashion development.

Contest nominations: youth clothing, men's clothing, women's business clothing (wall street), "little dress"

The main prize of the Competition is "GOLDEN MODEL"

Grand Prix of the Competition: <br> JSC "Roslegprom" establishes - $ 1000 for the best collection of the prêt-a-porter class, Gold medals "VVC Laureate"

Firm Kristy and "Madina" establish - $ 1000 for the best collection of the prêt-a-porter class de luxe

Participants of the Competition: 70 designers will present 54 collections from cities: Anapa, Volgograd, Voronezh, Kazan, Kirov, Krakow (Poland), Moscow, Moscow Region, Naberezhnye Chelny, Perm, Samara, Slavyansk-on-Kuban, Stavropol, Togliatti, Chelyabinsk, Shakhty.

Co-Chairmen of the Contest Jury:

Vladimir Zubets - Leading Designer of the new youth brand INCITY

Alexander Khilkevich - Head of the Editorial Board of the Fashion Industry, Atelier, International Textiles, Stylish Hairstyles magazines

The jury of the Competition:

Vasiliev Alexander - fashion historian

Lilia Isaeva - Chief designer of Kristy

Komissarova Olga - designer TM Olga Komisarova collection

Lyudmila Mezentseva - designer, general director of the company "Nature Line"

Romina Olga - designer TM "Romina"

Sergey Sysoev - general Director of S-production company, designer TM Sergey Sysoev

Yashchuk Evgeniy - General Director of Fashion Week in Moscow

Council of the Competition Professionals:

Baidakov Alexander - General Director of ALTEX Company

Dmitry Bobrov - General Director of Linoline Group LLC

Grinkevich Stanislav - director of the company "ETTP" ("El Tesido" - fabrics of Portugal)

Donchenko Dmitry - market manager of the company SWAROVSKI

Anna Navarkina - Commercial Director of the Sezon Company

Mikhail Simak - Commercial Director of the Kupavna Textile Company

Fedorov Sergey - Director of the TRAMASmas Company

Chernobrovkin Viktor - President of the TORGTEX Company

Yankina Svetlana - Fashion Collection Magazine

Competition organizers: MCDK Delkont, JSC Roslegprom ", LLC" RLP-Fair"

History reference

The idea of ​​holding the Competition for young fashion designers and fashion designers from its first steps was supported by the meter of domestic fashion Vyacheslav Zaitsev. He gave the competition its sonorous name - "Exercise".

The first competition was held in May 1996.

From 2000 to 2002, the competition was held with the support of Alexander Panikin, president of the Russian concern Paninter.

Since 2002, the Exercise competition has been organized by the Delkont International Business Contact Center with the support of Roslegprom CJSC and RLP-Fair LLC, Fashion Weeks in Moscow, and the Union of Designers of Russia. Within the framework of the Exercise project, two seasonal Exercise competitions are held annually in March and September.

Since 2004, Exercise has acquired the status of an International Competition.

For 10 years, there have been 18 final shows of the Exercise competition. 48 regions of Russia are involved in the competition.

On March 31, 2006 within the framework of the XXVI Federal Fair "Textillegprom" the final of the 19th competition "Exercise" will take place.

Regional and interregional rounds of the Exercise competition are held in Tolyatti, Perm, Chelyabinsk, Volgograd, Stavropol, Naberezhnye Chelny, Petrozavodsk, Kazan, Krasnodar, Kursk, Voronezh, Murmansk, Riga, Moscow and other cities.

The main prize of the "GOLDEN MODEL" competition. The author is a designer from Perm, Lyudmila Karnaukhova. The prize is awarded in each category of the Competition.

The competition is attended by young fashion designers and students of vocational education institutions. The main goal of the Competition is to present human resources to enterprises in the fashion and light industry; assistance in the employment of young professionals; identification of the best author's schools of design and fashion.

Statements about the Competition:

ZAITSEV VYACHESLAV - Head of the Moscow Fashion House "Slava Zaitsev"

“It is wonderful that Exercise gives the participants an opportunity not only to show themselves, but also to be seen by production workers, to become in demand, to receive support to further improve their professional skills. I hope that the Exercise competition will give us new names that will bring glory to national fashion"

VASILIEV ALEXANDER - famous fashion historian Izvestia newspaper, No. 54, dated April 01, 2005.

“Young designers have already appeared in Russia, not only well following the trends of modern youth fashion in the world, but also understanding how the demands of young people can be commercialized. To translate into very simple but cost-effective collections that deserve approval. Moreover, this young growth is not at all Moscow spill - a lot of designers from the Volga, the Urals, Altai and the North Caucasus participated in the competition. Naturally, to appear for them in Moscow is not only prestigious and honorable, but also very promising, since some of the winners received the right to internships at Moscow concerns. In the works of young designers, there was a lot of common sense, adequate commercial ideas, adapted to our harsh climate. They also show the beginnings of professionalism, which we cannot but rejoice at”.

ONOSOVSKY ALEXANDER - General Director of Gota and President of the Association of Fashion Industry Enterprises, creative leader, successful businessman. Gotha is one of the most competitive Russian companies in the production of business and glamorous clothing for women.

“In our country, it is believed that the main mineral resources are concentrated. At the same time, it seems to me that there is still colossal wealth - intellectual and creative. The work carried out by Exercise and Vera Tugova directly is akin to the hard and complex work of mining gold and diamonds, they wash the rock. We get ready-made cream, from which we can choose people and integrate them into the work of a real business.. We get a certain separated result at the Exercise competition, people who have passed a fairly large number of primary selection”

MEZENTSEVA LYUDMILA - General Director and designer of TM “Vereteno”, multiple participant of fashion weeks, the collection at Fashion Week in Moscow in October 2005 was recognized as “cult”.

“It is not the first year that I have been participating in the work of the jury of the Exercise competition and I observe how the Competition is gaining momentum from year to year. This Competition has a very strong team of artists and it is especially difficult to compete in a strong team. The future of our fashion industry depends on the work of these designers …”

ABOLENKIN ANDREY - ex-general consultant "Fashion Week in Moscow"

“Very strong selection of participants. Rarely, when at a competition for young designers, at the final part you do not ask yourself the question of how these models reached the final. At this competition, I did not ask this question”

Organizing Committee:

119180, Moscow, Staromonetny per., 10, office 306, MCDK "Delkont"

tel.: (495) 786-89-53, internal 217 (* + 217); fax: (495) 234-53-65, 786-89-61

E-mail: [email protected], [email protected];

Head of the Exercise Project Vera Alexandrovna Tugova

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