Photo Project "Wild And Gone"

Photo Project "Wild And Gone"
Photo Project "Wild And Gone"

Video: Photo Project "Wild And Gone"

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Our team was inspired by the ethnic motives of ancient cultures for the "Wild and Gone" project. face tattoos served as a hallmark of the caste of leaders and shamans who created the traditions and customs of their people and served as the first means of communication between ancient tribes. The W&G project lifts the veil over the secret writing that connects the Indian and Aztec tribes. Only the initiates could read these patterns, full of hidden meaning, having learned from them the entire history of the tribe and the great leaders who headed it. Perhaps this is where the famous expression "Read by faces" came to us. Wild and free, not dependent on anyone, these ancient tribes were unique and inimitable, like their entire history, captured on their faces. And the tall, ornate hairstyles served as intimidation to all enemies. It seemed that nature itself intervened in their fate:a wild wind lifted and braided their hair, hardening their bodies, and the sun burned history on their faces. Their clothes and jewelry are not clothes in the literal sense, but a kind of man-made set of signs and symbols that expressed their inner world and the desire to live in harmony with the nature around them.

"Wild and Gone"

Consept Igor Ossigeno & ArinArt


Photo Igor Ossigeno.

Style of Dres, jewelery ArinArt.


Hair Hovo Arakelyan.

Face art Brian Baroque.

Models: Rozalinda, Kamilla, Tina, Kristina

Dress MariDaranova, AlisMaksimova.

Producer TinAnderson.


Photo Igor Ossigeno.

Style, accessories: ArinArt, DinarD "ORO

MU, Hair DinarD" ORO

Models Kristina, Sofia

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