Photo Project "At The Junction Of Two Centuries"

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Photo Project "At The Junction Of Two Centuries"
Photo Project "At The Junction Of Two Centuries"
Video: Photo Project "At The Junction Of Two Centuries"
Video: 17 The New Vision - Early 20th Century European Photography Part 1 2023, February

The project "At the Junction of Two Ages" reflects a view from the modern present to the magical past.

The concept was the creation and transmission of the mood of fashion trends in photography - a dramatization of the times of the late 18th and early 19th centuries. The first part of the project is stylized as vintage, where all the characters are in historical, eclectic images. It was as if the models and the photographer of the time had come together for a shoot.

The second part is a staging by a fashion photographer, shooting the turn of the century, but with a more modern approach.

Costumes, hairstyles and make-up were put together in one piece, like a puzzle, thanks to the magic hands and imagination of stylists.

The story unfolds under the arches of a mysterious, abandoned manor castle that was built on a romantic reading of the European Middle Ages. The photographer and videographer acted as directors who brought all the ideas together into a single whole, resulting in a mini-film, but thanks to innovative music, it looks more like a modern video clip.


Photographer: AnnKeymer.

Videographer: Pavel Khvaleev.

Stylist: ArinArt.

Designer: Lyu Pugaeva, Eclectic art studio.

Models: AnastasiyRichi, Jeanneoh Oh.

Make Up Artists: OlgRox, Tatiana Antonova.

Hair-stylists: Ksenia Evdokimova, Anna Shamina.

Assistant: Olga Nikitina.

Accessories author: Ksenia Evdokimova.

Decor: Tasha Kryukova, Christina Shabliy.

Florist designer: Yulia Makarova.

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