Angelina Jolie Received An Honorary Title

Angelina Jolie Received An Honorary Title
Angelina Jolie Received An Honorary Title
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A statement made by Home Secretary William Hague officially went into effect yesterday. The Queen's intention to include Angelina Jolie in the list of Noble Ladies and Knights of Great Britain became known a week after the end of the “Stop Sexual Violence in Conflict Zones” summit, among whose activists the actress has been known for several years.

Despite the fact that Jolie will not be able to use the title - the award was originally provided only for British citizens, but on a voluntary basis is awarded to foreigners for services rendered to the Kingdom and its people - she agreed to accept the honorary title from Buckingham Palace as the highest assessment of her charitable work … According to the actress, she is especially pleased to be noted for her foreign political activities. She considers this direction at the moment to be one of the most important for herself in the future.

Together with Jolie, the title of noble lady this year is received by the fashion designer and very extravagant woman Zandr Rhodes, and the British actress Maggie Smith, known for the films "The Blossom of Miss Jean Brodie", "Hotel Marigold", the role of Professor McGonnagal in the epic about Harry Potter and the TV series "Downton Abbey" awarded the Order of the Merit.

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