Angelina Jolie Could Become President

Angelina Jolie Could Become President
Angelina Jolie Could Become President
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Video: Angelina Jolie on Middle East (Syria) - Security Council, 7433rd meeting 2023, February

As UN Goodwill Ambassador in 2001, Angelina Jolie has repeatedly drawn public attention around the world to the problems in underdeveloped and developing countries - hunger, poverty, poor health care and gender inequality. Many, who previously perceived her only as an actress and a public person, were able to appreciate the kindness, courage and perseverance of this woman. Angelina Jolie is now respected, loved and supported as much as Ronald Reagan or Arnold Schwarzenegger at the start of their careers, so the idea of ​​adding a Senatorial position to her already fulfilled roles doesn't seem so ridiculous.

“You know, I often think about how much benefit I could bring,” Jolie admitted to the Good Morning America program. “But I'm not sure if they can take me seriously, and how effective my work will be. Looks like I just shook all the skeletons out of my closet,”she immediately jokes. - Looks like this is really all.

She also kindly reacted to the question about the date of the wedding with Brad Pitt, which is expected around the world no less than the film "Maleficent", where Angelina will bring to life the most negative character of Disney.

- We cannot give a date yet. We're not hiding anything, it's just that nothing really has been defined yet,”she says. - I think what we do for each other, for the children and together with them is much more important, and we all take very seriously what we feel for each other, what binds us all. It may sound a little silly, but it's unforgettable.

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