Coco Avant Chanel: Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining

Coco Avant Chanel: Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining
Coco Avant Chanel: Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining
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It’s always nice not to be disappointed when you’re expecting a movie on a topic that you know well, that’s interesting and cute. Coco avant Chanel is the case when I was expecting a movie. And I was not disappointed to see almost the very Mademoiselle that Marcel Elrich described in his book.

Of course, there are many books and memories of Chanel - now it is fashionable to be interested in the history of fashion, forgive the tautology. But this is not the case with Elrich and his book: from the very beginning he said that Mademoiselle did not always tell the truth and did not always tell everything, telling him about her life. But he was the only one who listened to everything and wrote down - who was allowed to do so. And he said the right words on his own about that it doesn't matter how it really was, it doesn't matter who and how she loved, the important thing is that she changed the world. And her own too - she believed in the life she had invented herself. And it would be a great disrespect not to believe her.

Audrey Tautou in "Amelie" was completely unsympathetic to me - I didn't even finish watching the film, getting bored. As for the role of Gabrielle Chanel, it was hardly possible to choose someone more similar to what you and I can see in photographs and what we can read about.

This film is not at all about Chanel's novels, as Kommersant wrote, - to perceive Coco's story this way means not to understand anything and not really know anything. And the film is designed - and this is its only drawback - for those who know a lot about the life of the Great Mademoiselle, because it is a prelude. This is a story about how a woman declared her right to her own life, to her own dream, to her own glory. And she backed up her statements with deeds.

Too much sex at Coco Avant Chanel. For me, all these scenes are a minus, these are some separate pieces that fall out of the image created by Chanel herself and recreated by Audrey Tautou. Several small episodes look like patches that were sewn to the picture for nothing. It's like in a poem - if you can throw out a few lines, and this does not make the work less understandable, throw it out - it will only benefit the poem.

But these disadvantages can be forgiven - for the visual range. Not Coco and men, but Coco and fashion - that's what we're talking about. See how her appearance changes, how the outfits around her change, how history approaches our time. And the applause at the end of the film, and the famous photo of Coco Chanel on the stairs after the defile, revived and smiled, is a worthy moment. The only pity is that the attempt to link the story to men incorrectly allocated the time of the narration: after all, if we were talking about novels, why end up with a beautiful fashion show with unnecessary flashbacks? Chanel did not think about it - read Elrich, these are her words. Do not think about something that was not told to you firsthand.

And, perhaps, you can start shooting further, or rather, the story that was between the accident and the defile along the white spiral staircase in the house on Rue Cambon. Like a stubborn girl who, according to her, organized a salon with the money of two of her lovers - whom we see in the film, but for some reason we did not designate this moment, Gabrielle Chanel turned into the Great Mademoiselle.

This story would be not only interesting, but also instructive: you do not need to believe in princes on white horses, you need to create your own life. And not then to start doing it when circumstances force you (as shown in the film), but when it is not too late to start doing it yourself of your own free will - as it really was. Because I believe Chanel's words. However, I also believe Audrey Taut.

And most importantly - even if you are not interested in historical cinema, Chanel's personality, fashion history, or melodrama, still check out Coco avant Chanel - it is simply very beautifully filmed.

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