Iman: "Catwalk Destroys Identity"

Iman: "Catwalk Destroys Identity"
Iman: "Catwalk Destroys Identity"
Video: Iman: "Catwalk Destroys Identity"
Video: Iman vs Rosie O Donnell (Exit to Eden) 2023, February

Recently, there has been a new fad among the stars. It has become fashionable to advertise, telling the press about your unhappy youth or childhood. Probably, stories from the series "the rich also cry" are popular with readers of the glossy press.

Iman recently revealed how hard it was for her to become a model. She came to the United States in 1975 from Somalia because she was noticed by fashion photographer Peter Bird. And soon she was already working with Vogue magazine. Iman says that at the time, many of her friends or relatives were still in slavery, working in the service of wealthier people on plantations or at home. And it was hard for her to appear in the eyes of relatives after filming in a magazine about a beautiful life.

“At the beginning of my career, I felt like an outcast in my country,” says Iman. “I represented a whole race, and this race made it clear to me in no uncertain terms that I did not live up to their ideals. After all, then slavery still existed. I made the excuse that it was white editors who put me in such conditions and make such pictures that I have no idea about. I felt the bad taste of fame all the time. I call it "beauty politics" because working in the fashion industry sometimes destroys your identity."

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