Elton John Charity Ball: A Gathering Of The Rich And Famous

Elton John Charity Ball: A Gathering Of The Rich And Famous
Elton John Charity Ball: A Gathering Of The Rich And Famous
Video: Elton John Charity Ball: A Gathering Of The Rich And Famous
Video: Dua Lipa performing Hallucinate/ Don’t Start Now - Elton John’s AIDS Foundation Oscars pre-party 2023, February

This year, Elton John and his friend, singer David Furnish, surprised discerning guests with a gothic performance with elements of a Victorian hospital in a futuristic setting. The "star of the holiday" was announced by Lady Gaga, who resembled the "bride" from the horror stories of Edgar Allan Poe in her sheer gown embroidered with pearls from the young Italian designer Francesco Sconamiglio, in a gilded cage-mask from Victor & Rolf and sprinkled with diamonds from Chopard, a long-term partner of the event.

"This is Lady Gaga's Wonderland!" - said Elton John and disappeared into the crowd of 650 invited guests. Yes, miracles lay in wait for guests at every step: performances by contemporary artists were hung on the trees, people in tight white suits were walking around the park, “bandaged” waiters offered cocktails in medical bottles, and canapes from metal surgical trays.

"We're all fooling around tonight!" - explained the wife of the Saudi billionaire, Christina Jaffali (Christin Juffali). Among the guests, the Kazakh beauty Gozha Ashkenazi, a friend of Prince Andrew, and the wife of British actor David Williams, Danish model Lara Stone, stood out with bright scarlet dresses.

Beaumond demonstrated the latest developments of famous fashion houses, as well as rare items from his collections, which can be viewed here.

After dinner, guests were invited to take part in a charity auction to raise funds for the Elton John AIDS Foundation in Africa. Since the beginning of the charity balls in 1998, more than £ 27 million have been raised, last year - £ 4 million, and this year - £ 5.6 million.

Thus, an exclusive sample of the new Audi A1 model, painted by the famous artist Damien Hirst, was put up for auction. However, the lucky owner of the rarity, who paid £ 350,000 for the purchase, will not be able to ride his new "horse" until November this year, until the exclusive is presented at the opening of sales of this model in Europe.

Audi UK Director Jeremy Hicks said: “We are extremely proud to support Sir Elton John. For the eighth time we participate in a charity ball, each time presenting a priceless and unique work of art as a gift to the foundation."

But the most impressive lot was the opportunity for guests to participate in a duel on grand pianos with the host of the ball, which went to Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga accompanied the thunderous competition on elegant musical instruments with the performance of her popular ballad “Speechless”. The singer finished her performance with the best of her hits - "Your Song" to the incessant applause of the audience.

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