Elton John Sells 10 Thousand Items From His Wardrobe

Elton John Sells 10 Thousand Items From His Wardrobe
Elton John Sells 10 Thousand Items From His Wardrobe
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The famous British singer and composer Elton John decided to sell 10 thousand items from his own wardrobe in the USA. Now in New York from April 11 to April 15, anyone can buy the singer's clothes.

Despite the fact that some things are made for the musician by leading designers, the prices for them will be relatively low. Moreover, Elton John insisted that there was a sale, not an auction. Therefore, all items, among which there are both recently purchased and old models, will be sold at a fixed price.

On April 10, the singer will take part in the ceremony leading up to the start of the action. All proceeds from this event will go to the AIDS Foundation created by Elton John, Interfax reports.

In October 2004, Elton John was selling photographs from his collection. As a result, Christie's raised more than half a million pounds (900 thousand dollars) at the auction. In total, about 100 photographs from the unique collection of the musician went under the hammer.

Sir Elton then decided to sell several works from his extensive collection, because he had many similar photographs, made in the same style. The lots sold include landscapes, still lifes and portraits by renowned photographers.

In September 2003, Elton John traded in items from his home. As expected, the auction was supposed to bring the owner of the things about $ 1.3 million, but in fact, Elton John became richer by more than 1.4 million pounds ($ 2.3 million).

Sir Elton, always distinguished by extravagance, extravagance, scale and irrepressible passion to buy a huge number of things, invited everyone to buy all of his home furnishings - from paintings of the Elizabethan era to an art deco bed. The lots included furniture, paintings, glass trinkets, and even a couple of stone poodles, and prices ranged from $ 40,000 to $ 40,000.

In December 2002, the musician was selling his shoes. The promotion took place in a store on central London's Regent Street. There were jackets, coats, shirts and ties for sale, as well as 600 pairs of shoes, 200 belts and 100 glasses from well-known brands such as Gucci, Vercace and Prada. The proceeds from the sale of 17,000 items of the famous singer went to the Elton John AIDS Foundation. Elton John also sold glasses from his extensive collection.


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