Emma Watson Doesn't Need A Prince

Emma Watson Doesn't Need A Prince
Emma Watson Doesn't Need A Prince
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Emma Watson (EmmWatson) has publicly denied rumors attributing to her a secret romantic relationship with Prince Harry. The British hopes for a new star couple like Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier III did not materialize. And the newsmen, who have already prepared jokes about Hermione's choice, will have to bite their tongues. The reason for suspicion was the publication that appeared a week ago in the Australian press, where, according to a source close to the prince, it was claimed that he was struck on the spot - and in all this one should see a little more than Emma would like to show.

Emma Watson's dazzling appearance in a VerWang dress she chose for the 2015 Academy Awards only added fuel to the fire. In the morning after the celebration, the yellow press on both sides of the ocean literally went crazy, putting forward one assumption after another. They were especially piqued by the fact that Prince William, Harry's older brother, now the Duke of Cambridge, and Kate Middleton had been hiding their relationship for a long time. At some point, they even had to leave to take a break from the press attacks. But those who attributed the same strategy to Watson and Harry were wrong.

“Dear world,” Emma Watson tweeted with her usual humor over the weekend. - Should I remind you that you shouldn't believe every nonsense that is published in the media ?! After all, marriage with a prince is a condition that does not have to be met in order to become a princess - in support of her words, she left for subscribers a link to the old clip of Alfonso Cuaron, who sang that all little girls are princesses.

After a brilliant performance at the UN as an ambassador for the HeForShe program, participation in the fight for gender equality and advocating for women's rights, the title is the last thing Emma Watson (EmmWatson) aspires to. What she said from the lips of the future Disney princess sounds even more ironic than if Hermione said it.

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