Cate Blanchett: Emme Watson, With Love

Cate Blanchett: Emme Watson, With Love
Cate Blanchett: Emme Watson, With Love
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With pride, to be more precise. This is exactly what it sounds like in the original Porter Magazine story, from which Kate Blanchett smiles on the cover in December. Despite the fact that the issue will officially go on sale only on November 28, a small part of the interview is already available. For those who are close to the ideas of the struggle for equality, they will find many thoughts in it that are consonant with their own, and for those who are primarily interested in fashion, the magazine invites you to take another look at the outfits from the fall collections of Alexander McQueen, Valentino and Ralph Lauren, in which Kate appears at the photo shoot.

About the continuity of film generations, if we are not talking about close relatives, and not even so much about cinema, it is rarely given to talk. The press for the most part is interested in the personal experiences and opinions of the stars, not concerning love adventures, marriage hopes and plans for cooperation; discussing scandals and the number of plastic surgeries is commercially more profitable. When Angelina Jolie speaks at a summit in support of victims of domestic violence or visits third world countries as part of a charity, the brand of her outfit is more likely to appear in the headlines than a quote from a speech; because the sincere admiration of famous people not for style, but for personal qualities, actions of each other is so interesting and important.

The recent appearance of Emma Watson of HeForShe, an international gender equality mission, at a UN meeting has sparked a new round of talk about sensible feminism and its future. And not only in a constructive manner. A few days before the conference, anonymous threats began to pour in to Emma: people calling themselves hackers promised to publish nude pictures of the girl, allegedly stolen from her personal computer or the accounts of her friends. Against the background of a very fresh scandal, this really looked possible.

Many, and Kate Blanchett among them, supported Watson then, helped her not to succumb to the provocation and not to give up. As a result, the threats turned out to be a fake, an attempt to become famous at someone else's expense, to get more traffic to the site, spreading loud statements. But the tenacity, tenacity, character shown by EmmWatson these days is admirable. This is largely because, in her interview for Porter Magazine, Kate Blanchett does not hold back her feelings and even admits to reporters too frankly:

- I'm damn proud of what and how Emma spoke to the UN. That was awesome. She skillfully used the small space allocated to the speaker, and was truly sincere and passionate. A fantastic sight.

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