Eva Mendes And Helena Christensen In The New Reebok Satisfaction Campaign

Eva Mendes And Helena Christensen In The New Reebok Satisfaction Campaign
Eva Mendes And Helena Christensen In The New Reebok Satisfaction Campaign
Video: Eva Mendes And Helena Christensen In The New Reebok Satisfaction Campaign
Video: Reebok EasyTone Satisfaction: il video con Helena Christensen 2023, February

Reebok study: what is most satisfying for women?

Reebok study shows 7 out of 10 European women are happy when they feel healthy

83% of women say they are most satisfied with being in good physical shape

Hollywood star Eva Mendes and supermodel Helena Christensen reveal the secrets of their workout success with the Reebok Satisfaction campaign

Reebok presents the results of an online survey conducted in January 2012 among European women. More than 3000 respondents from Russia, Great Britain, Germany, France, Spain and Italy took part in the survey. Over the course of two weeks, they were asked to answer questions about what makes their life brighter and to identify the activities that are most rewarding.

This study showed that the majority of European women are satisfied with their daily life - they receive the greatest satisfaction from such seemingly insignificant things as everyday communication with friends (64%), order and cleanliness in the house (65%), flowers (59%) and music (58%). Jewelry and exclusive parties bring pleasure to 39% and 27% of respondents, respectively.

Other values ​​named sex (65%), healthy lifestyle (71%) and sports (71%).

To the questions about the figure, 66% of the respondents answered that it is important for them to have a beautiful and slender body. The object of desires for 80% of women was a tightened buttocks, 64% highlighted a flat stomach, and 32% - large breasts (32%). Popular workouts included walking (19%), swimming (17%), dancing (11%) and running (7%).

“We have received a tremendous amount of positive feedback from women using EasyTone for their daily activities and training,” said Martin Jahrbacher, Head of Womens, Reebok. "EasyTone products, coupled with regular training, will help you get more out of your daily activities, while the stylish design of the sneaker will create an attractive look."

Famous representatives of the EasyTone collection - Hollywood actress Eva Mendes and world famous model Helena Christensen - also took part in the study. So, for Eva Mendes, sports and a beautiful appearance are the key to a good mood and satisfaction. “What I love about training and exercising is the satisfaction it brings. It's great to feel like you care about your health and look amazing at the same time! I've been wearing Reebok EasyTone clothes and shoes since they first appeared and I absolutely love it!"

Helena Christensen derives most of her pleasure from walks and activities with her son, reading good books, traveling, photographing, collecting antiques and seeing the sun setting over the ocean. Also, Helena does not hide that she loves delicious food, but intense training helps her to always stay in shape. “I travel a lot for work, so it is very important for me to spend my free time with family and friends. Judging by the results of the Reebok study, this is relevant not only for me - 64% of the women surveyed get the most pleasure from communicating with their family. " Eva Mendes and Helena Christensen are slated to join other celebrity EasyTone fans in an exclusive fashion shoot produced by renowned celebrity photographer Rankin.

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