Secrets Of Photography: Five Lessons From Jurgen Teller

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Secrets Of Photography: Five Lessons From Jurgen Teller
Secrets Of Photography: Five Lessons From Jurgen Teller
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Jürgen Teller is one of the leading contemporary photographers. We see his pictures almost every day, while they always evoke a lot of emotions. Even commercial footage Jurgen turns into real works of art. More recently, the master has published a new book.


The book is dedicated to photography, but rather not to photographers, but to the end consumer. Siegerflieger's main themes: football and family are Teller's two other passions. Probably, the proprietary manner of the photographer will seem to someone too brutal and awkward, but still the new book is not an album of random shots. Siegerflieger gives us the keys to naturalness, passion and emotion. This is a kind of diary of 2014, where deep truths are hidden behind the momentary and insignificant. What can the famous Jurgen Teller teach us?

Nudity and laughter

In the book, as in the rest of Jurgen's work, there is a lot of nudity. Girls with naked breasts, guys who are not ashamed of other people's views, seductive Stella Tennant … First you ask yourself: how did all these people get into all this madness? However, this is a unique master class that teaches us not to take ourselves too seriously. When a person can no longer laugh at himself, this is a reason to laugh at him to another.

Family and passion

The images presented show a bond between Teller and his son that goes beyond blood. Jurgen and Ed appear in the photos in an ecstatic embrace, kissing each other, screaming at the top of their lungs during the live broadcast of the final match of their favorite team. The reader himself can feel the frantic energy of the pictures, the explosions of testosterone between father and son. The book also contains group portraits with the mother, family celebrations, cycling trips. The album emphasizes the importance of being with your loved ones.

Food and health

We live in a society in which we face the challenge of controlling our diet on a daily basis. Sometimes we succumb to weakness, we enjoy unhealthy treats, and then we experience remorse or, worse, health problems. Teller calms us down and says that sometimes we need such a demarche. Sometimes a juicy sausage or a bowl of greasy fries is much better than a healthy breakfast.

Humor and attention

Jurgen's fourth lesson is to enjoy life and sometimes look funny. Put the octopus on the head, paint the body, put on your flippers and go for a walk. According to the photographer, this is a completely harmless and fun way to attract attention.

Selfies and narcissism

The selfie craze is still perceived by many as something negative and unworthy. However, Teller argues that this is the perfect way to amuse your own narcissism without harming others. In addition, it is a way to remember important and interesting moments of your life. The book reminds us that life is changeable, and it changes at a breakneck pace. Instagram can be the perfect tool for capturing happy moments and learning how to pose for the camera, by the way.

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