The Most Revealing Outfits Of Hollywood Stars

The Most Revealing Outfits Of Hollywood Stars
The Most Revealing Outfits Of Hollywood Stars
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The red carpet of the prestigious Hollywood Oscar and numerous film premieres has seen a lot - stars in luxurious haute couture outfits, absolutely tasteless dresses and, finally, the most revealing outfits. Maximum nudity, however, hasn't helped most of the Hollywood divas who consistently ranked among the worst dressed stars.

One of the first actresses to go for a really revealing outfit on the red carpet was Elizabeth Hurley. Lacking the popularity that her boyfriend Hugh Grant enjoyed in the early 1990s, Liz Hurley managed to star in the 1994 premiere of Four Weddings and a Funeral by appearing on the red carpet in a Versace gown with an extremely deep neckline and cut, fastened with decorative pins.

Jennifer Lopez, before becoming an exemplary wife and mother of twins, also did not hesitate in choosing outfits - while still a friend of rapper P. Diddy, the singer appeared at the Grammy ceremony in 2000 in a dress from the same Versace with even more revealing neckline - literally to the waist. A decade later, Lopez's costumes have not become more modest - Jennifer celebrated the onset of 2010 with a performance in New York and a translucent black tight-fitting jumpsuit, thanks to which all the singer's fans got the dubious pleasure of the opportunity to appreciate her famous buttocks.

GeenDavis also became fond of translucent fabrics - in 2000, the actress appeared on the red carpet of the Emmy ceremony in a long translucent dress and instantly won an honorable place in the ranking of the most ill-dressed stars.

Following the example of Lopez and Davis, Anne Hathaway chose a translucent outfit for the film premiere - in 2003, at the premiere of School of Rock, the actress appeared in a transparent blouse that fully revealed Anne's breasts.

Um Thurman, an actress who appeared in a more than revealing Valentino dress at the Swarovski Fashion Rocks charity concert in 2007, also did a bad job of translucent fabrics.

In the eighties, even the craziest outfits of Hollywood celebrities were many times more modest - as evidenced by the famous Cher dress, which the singer wore to the Oscars back in 1986. The dress, created by designer Bob Mackie, consisted almost entirely of slits, but nonetheless chastely covered Cher's breasts.

The tragically dead Alexander McQueen has consistently won critical acclaim, but his Gwyneth Paltrow dress from the fall 2002 collection was a flop. On Gwyneth, who chose the outfit for the Oscars, the dress looked disgusting, and the actress's poor posture only exacerbated the situation.

Actress Kate Hudson barely escaped the embarrassment due to a very deep neckline, who appeared on stage at the American Music Awards in a short silver dress with an extremely revealing neckline.

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