Fashion Gifts For Star Kids

Fashion Gifts For Star Kids
Fashion Gifts For Star Kids
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Hollywood is experiencing a real baby boom. Bradd Pitt and AngelinJolie, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are just the tip of a huge iceberg. The kids of the stars, of course, get the best. What can children of celebrities who have everything get as a gift? Here are some ideas.

Grier Hammond, daughter of actress Brooke Shields and Chris Henchy. What to give the beautiful daughter of America's favorite Brooke Shields? ElsPeretti's silver heart-shaped rattle speaks of endless love. We are sure that Tom Cruise will buy a dozen of the same.

The firstborn of singer and designer Gwen Stefani and rock musician Gavin Rossdale will be born in June. A silver spoon is too common a choice for such an extravagant couple. The electric guitar is the right choice! This piece is painted with a bow tie, moreover, in the spirit of my mother's LAMB collection

Newborn Moses, the son of actress Gwyneth Paltrow and musician Chris Martin, must be prepared for the tough life of a celebrity child. Since he will have to travel a lot, a pair of excellent Aigle rubber overshoes is a must-have whether he goes with his mom to the shoot or with his dad to the Glastonbury Rock Festival.

Named after the river by supermodel Natali Vodianov and her husband Justin Portman, Neva is yet another chapter in the tale of Cinderella hitting the Paris catwalks and marrying an English aristocrat. What does a little princess need? Mom's friend model HelenChristensen chose a unique antique-style Butik dress, which, incidentally, was sold in her own West Village store.

Pregnant Rachel Weisz shone in the DonnKaran Collection dress at the Golden Globes. She and her husband Darren Aronofsky are expecting a baby in May, and the DKNY line for babies will just appear in August. Almost certainly, this collection will have something for a mom to choose for her baby, for example, this cozy fur coat.

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