Chanel Bag Collection "Coco Cocoon"

Chanel Bag Collection "Coco Cocoon"
Chanel Bag Collection "Coco Cocoon"

Video: Chanel Bag Collection "Coco Cocoon"

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Video: Chanel Coco Cocoon Collection 2023, February

In October this year, the long-awaited collection of Chanel bags "Coco Cocoon" will be released. There was a lot of talk about her, the main point of controversy was Lily Allen - the face of the advertising campaign for the new collection of Chanel handbags.

Numerous rumors that appeared in the press in the spring turned out to be true. Karl Lagerfeld did indeed choose British singer Lily Allen for a promotional photo shoot for the new Chanel Coco Cocoon collection.

In the advertising set, Lily Allen reincarnated as a princess, undoubtedly reminiscent of the heroine Audrey Hepburn from the famous "Breakfast at Tiffany's".

The new advertisement was shot by Karl Lagerfeld himself, the photo session was filmed in his Paris studio. The advertising campaign kicks off this October with the launch of Coco Cocoon bags.

Coco Cocoon Bag Collection

The Coco Cocoon collection features puffy bolognese bags with iconic Chanel stitching and branded logo on the front.

A distinctive feature of this line of bags has become modesty, which is not usual for Chanel, which is primarily associated with nylon material. In addition, the bags have a fairly simple shape and a very laconic design.

Accessories are presented in restrained colors: indigo, terracotta, milky, not saturated black.

Coco Cocoon bags have large enough sizes, perhaps practicality has become the main feature of the new Chanel bags.

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