Lara Stone: Threats, Humor And Photoshop

Lara Stone: Threats, Humor And Photoshop
Lara Stone: Threats, Humor And Photoshop
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Fans of Justin Bieber, as is often the case with fans, understood the Calvin Klein ad campaign that appeared on the network a few days ago in their own way. The very next day after the publication of the materials, the instagram of his partner on the site, Lara Stone (LarStone), was filled with angry comments and outright threats. And the appearance of the promo video only fueled the imagination of the jealous young ladies. Now, the #mycalvins tag, designed to post your own looks in Calvin Klein Jeans clothes, can be found on Twitter with statements like "I'll kill this girl!" with a lot of reposts and additions, among which, mainly, smiley-knives and pictures calling for violence. A few commercial shots and innocent shots in front of the young Bibir fans were enough to make LarStone their enemy and # 1 target.

The stream of insults, ridiculous threats and accusations bordering on hysteria, directed at the model and her husband David Wailliams, does not dry out for several days in a row. "Don't touch him again or you won't live!" - writes one of the users, perhaps not even knowing where the object of her righteous anger is at this moment. "Kill yourself with a cactus" - demands another, no less original, lady, commenting on the official pictures published on Instagram Lara Stone (LarStone). It is not clear what exactly she means, but perhaps the author herself did not fully understand herself at the time of writing this formidable rebuke. It's hard to believe that even a third of everything written over these days is not trolling, but the lively response of girls from all over the world, who sincerely believe that Justin Bieber belongs only to them.

Against the backdrop of this teenage orgy, David Wailliams's response looks most appropriate. She recently posted on her blog a photo modified by one of the fans: his face, in Photoshop, inserted in place of Bieber's head. In the caption under the picture, he turned to the young creators with the question: why not, in fact, make another version - Justin's head on the body of David Wailliams?

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