Megan Fox Amazes Hollywood With Her Stupidity

Megan Fox Amazes Hollywood With Her Stupidity
Megan Fox Amazes Hollywood With Her Stupidity
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The famous actress Megan Fox can be proclaimed hundreds of times "the sexiest girl on the planet", but this does not add to her mind. At least that's what the members of the film crew of the blockbuster "Transformers" say. They are sure that Megan is one of the "stupidest", "shameless" and "unbearable" actresses in Hollywood, and the most suitable place for her is on the set of porn films. Why Fox is so disliked, you ask. For the fact that the girl allows herself ridiculous statements.

Megan was nicknamed "ungrateful rubbish" after the next attacks from her side on the director of "Transformers" Michael Bay. In one of her last interviews, the actress compared Bay to Napoleon ("he desperately wants to create a shameful reputation for being crazy") and noted that working with him is as difficult as, say, working with Hitler.

Fox's statement sparked a storm of outrage from fellow filmmakers. Bay's subordinates published an open letter on his website, in which they expressed everything that was boiling in their souls.

“She claims that working with Michael is like working with Hitler? To be honest, we doubt she even knows who Hitler is. We are simply surprised that she herself is not in the least embarrassed by such disgusting statements,”the letter says.

However, Michael Bay himself is quite adequate to Megan's statements. “I don’t condone Meghan's crazy antics, but they are part of her crazy image. Therefore, I am looking forward to her idiotic statements while working on the third part of the picture,”the director wrote on his website after the indignant message from his subordinates was deleted.

Авторы подчеркивают, что им приходилось работать со многими звездами Голливуда, но никто из них не вел себя столь вызывающе на съемочной площадке. «Мы работали много часов, чтобы позволить ей выглядеть на экране привлекательно, но она никогда не ценила работу десятков профессионалов, окружавших ее. Она не раз опаздывала на съемки и передвигалась по площадке так, словно каждый шаг причиняет ей мучения. Однажды ассистент режиссера объявил по радио, что Меган не выйдет из трейлера, пока свою работу не выполнит актер Джон Туртурро. Джон снялся в 70 фильмах, а она в двух!», - негодуют составители письма.

Defenders of Michael Bay clarify that they know well what they are talking about, as they have spent more than 12 months in the company of the "dumb as a log" actress, and urge not to judge her only by photographs, since "her beautiful eyes, a flat stomach, which we coat it with glycerin to make it shine attractively, and Monroe's idiotic tattoo on the arm,”make an impression, but say nothing about the essence of the actress.

In conclusion, the authors of the message expressed the hope that at the beginning of the third part of "Transformers", the leader of the Decepticons, Megatron, "will smear it on the site", which will delight the entire film crew.

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