Interview: Nicola Formichetti Talks About New Diesel Ad

Interview: Nicola Formichetti Talks About New Diesel Ad
Interview: Nicola Formichetti Talks About New Diesel Ad

Video: Interview: Nicola Formichetti Talks About New Diesel Ad

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Video: Nicola Formichetti is the new artistic director of Diesel 2023, January

The Diesel brand is known to us as the epitome of youth and what is called cool. Do you want to look cool? Go to Diesel! Nicola Formichetti has been successfully developing this theme for almost three years, making the brand even more modern and even brighter. Recently, the designer presented a new advertising campaign for the brand and shared his thoughts on it.


- This is a continuation of the idea of ​​the last season, when we began to analyze modern culture. I wanted to do it as transparently and honestly as possible. This season we have turned our attention to the digital culture. We love and hate social media at the same time. This is exactly what I wanted to show.

- Every time I start casting, I talk to people around me to find out who they think is cool and interesting … I always want to capture what is happening at the moment. It is very important to depict the world in its entirety. Therefore, my models are of different sizes, cultures, races, sexuality and so on. This is the starting point. I use social media to find these people. What else to do? I don't need to call modeling agencies, just surf the internet. It's very organic.

- I hate and love social networks. You can always scroll through photos with your finger, trying to find someone suitable, and never meet him. We used this principle of dating apps in one of the videos. We also created our own emoji that will be understandable to both Spaniards and Japanese. It is a universal language. This is what I really love.

- I'm tired of Instagram. I still use Facebook because all the older generations are sitting there. I'm obsessed with Snapchat, it lets you see everyone. It's great.

- Perhaps today the digital world is more real than reality itself. Perhaps this is bad. I wish people were more mindful of reality than the front camera. But at the same time, people dress up to take advantage of the front camera, which is good.

- In the 1980s and 1990s, it was much easier to do very provocative advertising campaigns. Things are different today. Today we need not only to show the product, we need to do some interesting things. This is more difficult. My favorite photographer of the time was Olivier Toscani, who did the Benetton commercial. He used models of various races dying of AIDS and so on, and then simply provided those pictures with the Benetton logo. It was a genius. To keep up with the times, I try to be commercial and not too aggressive.

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