Paris Hilton Is Unrecognizable

Paris Hilton Is Unrecognizable
Paris Hilton Is Unrecognizable
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It looks like the world has gone crazy. And this is not at all evidenced by the global financial crisis. The most famous blonde in the world suddenly decided to become a brunette. Can you imagine Paris Hilton with dark hair? Now we have such an opportunity.

For many years, the representative of the Hilton family tried to take her rightful place in the league of such legendary blondes as Marilyn Monroe and Madonna. And indeed, to a certain extent, Paris managed to do it. But now the socialite decided to try herself in the role of a brunette. And during the experiment, I came to the conclusion that "being a blonde is fun, but a brunette is also not bad."

Black wig Paris decided to try on before the start of the new series of the show Paris Hilton's My New BFF ("My new best friend Paris Hilton"). "Blonde in Chocolate" successfully held its show in the USA and Britain and now decided to conquer the Middle East. According to the tabloids, for a start, Paris will go to Dubai, where another group of young girls will be tested in the author's project of the ex-heiress. By the way, more than 300 people have already applied for participation.

Paris Hilton's company will be her boyfriend Doug Reinhardt. The show will begin production this month and will shoot for 17 days.

Moreover, the new season will be adapted in accordance with the cultural customs and traditions of the East. Namely, absolutely no alcohol. Swearing, sex-related conversations, and revealing outfits will also be kept to a minimum. In order not to risk it, the producers decided to assign a personal stylist to Paris, who will take care of her wardrobe.

The very same Paris is experiencing undisguised delight about the opportunity to shoot the Dubai episode. “Dubai is one of the most beautiful cities in the world,” she told reporters. "I recently introduced my fashion brand in Dubai and decided to come back this summer for a new girlfriend."

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