The First Grand Show Of The ESTEL Professional Collection Took Place In Moscow

The First Grand Show Of The ESTEL Professional Collection Took Place In Moscow
The First Grand Show Of The ESTEL Professional Collection Took Place In Moscow
Video: The First Grand Show Of The ESTEL Professional Collection Took Place In Moscow
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Spring / Summer 2011 collection TWIGGY by ESTEL Professional

A teenage girl with big disbelieving eyes, who has become a style icon and a symbol of an entire era, inspired the ESTEL team to create an unprecedented Spring / Summer 2011 collection TWIGGY. The premiere of the project took place in February this year in St. Petersburg. And in the Children's Musical Theater. N.I. Sats in Moscow, with the general support of the magazine “HAIR'S HOW”, the ESTEL team repeated the overwhelming success, getting an insane ovation from the audience.

The entire show was split into two acts. The first is a kind of "reporting concert" on a given topic. The regional ESTEL studios presented their author's reading of the 60s: the leading stylists of the ESTEL Moscow studio under the leadership of Svetlana Kuznetsova, the masters and technologists of ESTEL-Ukraine under the leadership of Kote Kavelashvili and the virtuosos of the ESTEL-Voronezh Fashion Center. The latter got a special ovation: the collection of Nikolai Ivanovich Kharkovsky, filled with extraordinary femininity and sophistication, was seen off while standing. And in the foyer of the theater there was an exhibition of works in memory of the great master.

The leading stylists of the ESTEL Academy Denis Chirkov, Galina Onishchenko, Larisa Saykova and Andrey Pulin demonstrated modern technologies for making trendy hairstyles in real time, accompanying their work with a historical excursion. And the video installations, complementing the bright performance, showed the interpenetration of the sophisticated fashion of the 60s into the trends of our days. Impeccable femininity is the main idea of ​​the TWIGGY collection, widely revealed in its looks in four directions of the spring-summer season: Neo 60s style, Retro chic style, Romantic style, Futurism style.

The second part of the show, to the undisguised surprise of many, was held in the format of an enchanting fashion musical. All his action took place against the backdrop of luxurious decorations with the use of large-scale computer graphics, which more than one theater can envy.

The beautiful sentimental history of the 60-70s era did not leave anyone in the hall indifferent. To a live performance of the immortal hits of the Beatles and Elvis Presley, fifty models, together with artists and dancers, demonstrated the iconic images of that time.

Every character, every hairstyle and outfit is a work of art created in one copy. The whole action begins in a roadside establishment, where you can dance on tables and bar counters to the incendiary sounds of rock and roll. Brutal bikers in leather jackets burst into the atmosphere of unbridled fun, instantly capturing the attention of the female part of the establishment. Without hesitating for a long time, under “CaliforniDreaming” they drove onto the stage, or rather, onto the high-speed track. Not afraid of the speed, their girlfriends in the back seats staged a real acrobatic action.

Bikers were replaced by hippies. Barefoot, in fluttering ethnic clothes, with braids and loose hair, parted in a parted part and tied with satin ribbons, they breathed a feeling of all-encompassing love into the hall. “All I need is LOVE”, - the children of the sun sang from the stage, holding bright letters LOVE, and launched into the sky a bright rainbow on light clouds. After that, the action was transferred to the ultra-fashionable club of the 60s, where genuine dudes with deliberate puffs rhythmically dance twist and woogie-boogie, and Elvis Presley performs his best hits for them. Guys - with legendary cocks and bright jackets, girls - with graceful babette hairstyles, elegant mini, tights with arrows and bright leggings. The final chord of the show was the general exit of all the artists, and towards the curtain and loud applause from the audience, stylish couples with babies in their arms appeared.

The central images of the TWIGGY collection are organically intertwined with the plot of this grandiose theatrical performance, created by the joint efforts of the stylists of the ESTEL Academy under the leadership of art director Denis Chirkov and clothing designer Andrei Rudakov. And thanks to the participation of one of the best Russian fashion show directors, Sergei Lukovsky, this bright story took shape on the theater stage. Everyone who participated in the creation and preparation of the project was rewarded with unceasing spectator applause and shouts of BRAVO! and numerous acknowledgments and compliments.

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