Dimensione Danza Boutique Opens In Russia

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Dimensione Danza Boutique Opens In Russia
Dimensione Danza Boutique Opens In Russia
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April 4, 2006, GUM

The official opening of the first Dimensione Danz boutique in Russia, accompanied by a show show of the spring-summer 2006 collection performed by Alla Dukhova's ballet TODES

Dimensione Danz - sportglamour style clothing for adults and children. The company of the same name was founded in 1983 in Italy by ballet dancer Nadia Nekki and her husband, fashion designer Enrico Baroni. Today it is led by Nadia herself and her daughter Ginger. Everything that the company creates is evidence of its owners' sincere love for dance. Dimensione Danza, whose products are manufactured and distributed by an enterprise called SINV, maintains a leading position in the world of dance wear.

History of the brand

During their frequent trips to the United States, the founders of the company realized that there was not a single store in Italy specializing in dancewear. Influenced by the Broadway "hangout", from the fashion that reigns on the streets of New York, the designers have developed a completely unique style of clothing. As a result, an unexpected combination of color, "overlap" of different details of clothing, typical for dancers, especially for fans of break dance and black jazz performers, came together. A style characteristic of Dimensione Danza was created, which, although it has its roots in dance, is quite suitable for ordinary, everyday wear. Initially, the collection featured men's and women's clothing lines, but recently the product range has expanded to include a line of clothing for girls. At the moment, new directions are also being developed,including clothes for newborns.

Opening of the 1st boutique in Russia

Russia's first Dimensione Danz boutique is located in the very center of Moscow, not far from Red Square, in the main store of the capital - GUM.

At the opening of the boutique, guests will be presented with a show performed by Alla Dukhova's ballet TODES. An extravaganza of sounds and colors, powerful energy, brilliant choreography combined with technical tricks - all this is Alla Dukhova's ballet “Todes” today.

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