Natalia Vodianova Creates A Watch "Raketa"

Natalia Vodianova Creates A Watch "Raketa"
Natalia Vodianova Creates A Watch "Raketa"
Video: Natalia Vodianova Creates A Watch "Raketa"
Video: Understanding Russia, talking to David Hеnderson-Stewart, managing director of Raketa watch factory 2023, February

Of course, it is customary in our country not to love everything, but I love Russian brands, especially those with history. It is especially pleasing when they are currently being brought back to active life. One of the emerging brands is the Raketa watch.

Probably few people already remember them, but meanwhile our grandfathers and fathers doted on them. The subject of pride was individual models, especially those produced in the 1970s, the most complex, as they would say now, "sophisticated" mechanical watches in the USSR.

The history of the plant, meanwhile, goes back almost three centuries. The Petrodvorets Watch Factory was founded by Peter I in 1721. And the name "Rocket" appeared in 1962 and was dedicated to the flight of the first man into space.

Today the Petrodvorets Watch Factory is located in its historic building. This is one of the rare world manufactories producing its own watch movements from A to Z. In 2009 the company entered the stage of reorganization under the leadership of the creative director Count Jacques von Polier and the technical director David Henderson-Stewart. Together with the design team, they breathed new life into the design of Russian watches. Watch engineers from Switzerland were invited to the factory, who at various times worked with Rolex, Breguet, Hautlance, and also participated in the development of memoire 1 Maurice Lacroix and OPUS 11 movements.

Just two years after the reorganization of the Petrodvorets Watch Factory, Raketa exhibits its new collection in Moscow (Russkaya Street), St. Petersburg and Paris (Colette). And he intends to seriously declare himself as a status and fashion brand.

One of the steps towards a new image is cooperation with supermodel Natalia Vodianova. She joined the team of the Petrodvorets Watch Factory in 2010. Very soon, in the coming year, a women's watch with a design by Natalia Vodianova should be born.

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