The First Capslockshop Lookbook

The First Capslockshop Lookbook
The First Capslockshop Lookbook
Video: The First Capslockshop Lookbook
Video: CAPSLOCKSHOP VOL. 4 2023, February

On May 22nd, Jagger Bar hosted a press breakfast with Capslockshop. Fashion journalists met the brand's designer Rita Nesterets and talked to Alexander Rogov, who became the “face” of the brand's first lookbook.

CapsLockshop is a brand of T-shirts, sweatshirts and swimwear with funny and mostly provocative prints by Rita Nesterets. In less than a year of the brand's existence, Rita managed to do the almost impossible - to develop the brand through social networks so that Capslockshop products are worn by a good half of media in Moscow. In addition, Rita has launched a joint collection with TrendsBrands and is already making plans to expand production.

Introducing her brand, Rita said that for a long time she was interested in the idea of ​​Sexy Sweaters, completely printed sweatshirts, but her friends suggested that someone was already making them in Moscow, and then the designer decided to come up with something else. “For example, T-shirts with non-circulated prints, because at that time it seemed to me that they didn’t do anything like that here, and all the coolest things were brought from somewhere from abroad,” said Rita.

When asked about production, Rita said that within the Garden Ring in Moscow there is a factory that sews T-shirts and sweatshirts for the brand, and the Capslockshop office with printing equipment is also located within it. “When a customer contacts us, we print a print, and the next day the item is delivered by a courier. That is, prints accumulate over time, and anyone can print. In principle, you can even come up with what will be depicted,”Rita emphasized.

When asked about an unusual move - photographing media people in brand clothing on Instagram instead of a lookbook - the designer emphasized that all brand communication deliberately goes through social networks. “It’s easier to have a dialogue there, and from the beginning it seemed to me that this format, when people see, share and like photos of their friends and friends of friends, will work. And so it happened, "- shared Rita.

When asked about the future plans of the designer and the brand, Rita replied: “I used to have a fix idea - to make socks. It is so firmly entrenched in my head that until I did the game and realized how difficult, expensive and unprofitable it was, I didn’t calm down. Then the idea to make swimsuits came up - and now they are already on sale. There are six prints and two types, one-piece and one-piece. There are many options for the development of joint projects. Now we are discussing partnership with the Russian brand I am. Before that, there was a limited series of white sweatshirts with prints about Moscow for Trends Brands, another one will be released soon. I also made sweatshirts for a children's store."

On May 25, the brand will celebrate its first birthday at the Jagger Club with a real California hot #bang #party #. Happy Birthday Capslockshop!

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