Alexander Khilkevich Recommends: 10 Main Fashion Exhibitions 2020

Alexander Khilkevich Recommends: 10 Main Fashion Exhibitions 2020
Alexander Khilkevich Recommends: 10 Main Fashion Exhibitions 2020
Video: Alexander Khilkevich Recommends: 10 Main Fashion Exhibitions 2020
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We asked Alexander Khilkevich to talk about the main fashion exhibitions of 2020. The famous fashion analyst identified 10 projects that the entire fashion community will definitely talk about this year.

1. The year will begin with an extraordinary Parisian exhibition in honor of two great masters - Azzedine Alayi and Cristobal Balenciaga. The idea to present their work together belonged to Hubert de Givenchy. Over 80 models reflect the creative pursuits of Alaya and Balenciaga and their views on the art of line, volume and color.

January 20 to June 28, Association Azzedine Alaia, Paris

2. The Victoria and Albert Museum in London has dedicated one of its main exhibitions this year to the theme of kimono. Along with samples of the 17th century, models of Poiret, Saint Laurent, Kawakubo, Galliano, inspired by the aesthetics of traditional Japanese costume, will be demonstrated.

February 29 to June 21, Victori & Albert Museum, London

3. Several hundred pairs of the most unpredictable shoes from different eras and peoples can be seen until February 23 at an exhibition in the Paris Museum of Decorative Arts. A reason to make sure once again that the phrases "What a small foot!", "What a high heel!" and "How to walk in this?" 500 years ago were as relevant as they are today.

This theme is continued by 2 more high-profile projects. In Florence, at the Palazzo Pitti, the sandals of Greek courtesans and the shoes of the senators of ancient Rome are shown in the company of archival models from Ferragamo, Celine and Pucci (until April 19). And the modern story of the legendary Christian Louboutin will be told at his personal exhibition in Paris (from February 25 to July 26, Palais de lPorte Doree).

4. The history of the suite in the center of attention of the new exhibition in Paris. Using the example of art, fashion, jewelry and design objects, it will be shown how the perception of luxury has changed over the centuries - from antiquity to the present day. The topic is more relevant today than ever: more and more companies consider themselves to be in the world of luxury, but what are their arguments other than the high price?

From 23 April to 16 August, Musee des Arts Decoratifs, Paris

5. London exhibition dedicated to the phenomenon of a handbag will undoubtedly become one of the most popular this year. And this is not surprising. At all times, a bag for a woman is much more than just a functional accessory. There will be presented rare royal handbags (16th century), graceful handbags of aristocrats (18th century), iconic models from various periods of the 20th century, status hits from Hermes, Chanel, Fendi, Louis Vuitton, Dior, as well as provocative bags that the 21st century gave to fashion. …

April 25 to the end of the year, Victori & Albert Museum, London

6. Traditionally, the most publicized exhibition will be the annual fashion project of the New York Metropolitan Museum. His new exhibition will tell about the relationship between fashion and time. The idea of ​​the parallel existence of the past, present and future will be reflected in the unexpected proximity of models from different eras. The viewer's task is to find associations.

May 7 to September 7, The Met, New York

7. An exhibition dedicated to the little black dress will open in Edinburgh. 60 iconic models from Chanel, Dior, Gareth Pugh, Christopher Kane, Yohji Yamamoto reflect the classics and avant-garde of this inexhaustible theme.

June 26 to October 25, National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh, UK

8. The autumn exhibition of the London Design Museum will be dedicated to the world famous Prada Fashion House. Telling the story of the brand, the curators of the exhibition will try to answer the question, what is the secret of its success and what awaits Prad fans in the future.

September, Design Museum, London

9. This year the Erarta Museum in St. Petersburg is 10 years old. In honor of the anniversary, high-profile projects are being prepared, including those related to fashion. For example, the exhibition of Russell James, the official Victoria's Secret photographer. But the main hit, of course, will be the exhibition of the famous headwear designer Philip Tracy. The curators promise to make the design of the exposition enchanting and have already begun discussing the details with Tracy's team.

From September 4 to January 10, Erarta Museum, St. Petersburg

10. The year will end on a high note. The Hermitage in the Great White Hall of the General Staff Building will host an exhibition of the famous 20th century photographer Cecil Beaton. Beaton took pictures of the most famous people of his time, with many of whom he was friends, it is not surprising that during his lifetime the photographer himself acquired the status of a star.

December 10 to March 14, Hermitage, St. Petersburg

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