Design Rating From Alexander Khilkevich

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Design Rating From Alexander Khilkevich
Design Rating From Alexander Khilkevich
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The famous fashion analyst Alexander Khilkevich has published a new annual design rating, which marks the most interesting collections shown by both professionals and promising young talents of our country.

At the end of 2019, 10 companies were included in the list of the best Russian designer brands. The main factors of choice were the compliance of their creative works with the international fashion context, consistency and a pronounced individual style.

The list of promising new brands and young designers in Russia traditionally included 13 names - it is they who will define the face of the Russian fashion industry in the very near future, and some of them are already successfully realizing their talents in the fashion market, says Alexander Khilkevich.

TOP-10 "Best designer brands 2019, Russia" (alphabetically)

AlenAkhmadullin (Alena Akhmadullina)

Izet (Izeta Hajiyeva)

NinDonis (Nina Neretina and Donis Pupis)


SuzieM (Susanna Makerova)

TatyanParfionov (Tatyana Parfenova)

UlyanSergeenko (Ulyana Sergeenko)

Valentin Yudashkin (Valentin Yudashkin)

VivVox (Oleg Ovsiev)

WOS (Andrey Artemov)

YuliNikolaev (Yulia Nikolaeva)

TOP-13 "Young brands and new names 2019, Russia" (alphabetically)

Alan Gobeeva - Karina Bzarova - Sarin Hohova (Vladikavkaz)

Alina Sirikh - Syrykh A & V (Omsk)

Albina Zuyeva - My812 (Saint Petersburg)

Arut Arustamian - Arut Mscw (Moscow)

Zarema Magomedova (Moscow)

Ilya Varegin - Infundibulum (Moscow)

Caterina Ponomarev - It's Personal (St. Petersburg)

Katerina Fedorishcheva (Shakhty)

Nadya Dunaeva (St. Petersburg)


Nikita Kalmykov - Odor (Moscow)

Roman Uvarov - RomUvarov Design (Maykop)

Svetlana Mikhalenko (Moscow)

Sergey Soroka (Moscow)

As a reminder, since 2001, Alexander Khilkevich was the first to compile annual ratings of Russian fashion.

Alexander Khilkevich is a well-known fashion analyst, one of the key figures in the Russian fashion industry, co-founder of the National Academy of the Fashion Industry, curator of fashion projects, chairman of the jury of European and Russian design competitions, the country's leading expert in the assessment and selection of designer collections.

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