Alexander Khilkevich: "It Is Impossible To Preserve A Tradition Without Developing It!"

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Alexander Khilkevich: "It Is Impossible To Preserve A Tradition Without Developing It!"
Alexander Khilkevich: "It Is Impossible To Preserve A Tradition Without Developing It!"
Video: Alexander Khilkevich: "It Is Impossible To Preserve A Tradition Without Developing It!"
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International festival "Ethnomoda" starts in Maykop with the support of the Russian Youth Union. Its jury is headed by an international fashion analyst, co-founder of the National Academy of the Fashion Industry, founder of the Rating of the Best Designers of Russia Alexander Khilkevich. We asked him several questions.

Alexander, you have been the head of the jury of the Ethnomoda festival for more than one year. How did you get acquainted with this project?

- As an expert in assessing and selecting collections, I have been doing work related to competitions, festivals and fashion weeks for over 20 years. All of the most famous of them were created with my participation or are conducted under my chairmanship. Even before the launch of the Ethnomoda festival, we were well acquainted with its organizers, the work of designers from the south of Russia, the Caucasus and Maikop, for example, the collection of Susanna Makerova, I noted at other fashion forums, the logical result was the continuation of our interaction within the framework of the Ethnomoda festival, one of the co-founders of which was the Russian Union of Youth. I work only with professional, high-quality, promising projects - this is exactly what this festival is.

How relevant is the topic of ethnicity in international fashion today?

- For a number of reasons, ethnicity today has become almost the main trend in international fashion. All the world's leading fashion brands touch on this topic in one way or another. In the coming seasons, the influence of the ethno trend will only intensify. It will be actively used in women's and men's designer clothing sets for the city, sports and leisure. Naturally, in a modern reading based on new materials and technologies.

What is the significance of the Ethnomoda festival?

- To create ethnic collections, you need to know how to work with shaping, be able to combine materials, feel color, and, especially, master the skills of complex manual decoration. Those who go through ethnic school are always in demand in the future in high-level designer brands that create luxury and couture collections. Therefore, the Ethnomoda festival is very valuable precisely from a professional standpoint, from the point of view of preserving and developing the skills of designers. Moreover, in conditions when, due to difficult economic realities, many similar competitions have ceased to exist altogether. The Ethnomoda festival in Maykop today is the only large-scale event in this direction, not only in Russia, but also in the world.

Without a doubt, the Ethnomod participants will not only see one of the most distinctive regions of our country, but also gain new experience and knowledge

- The participation of designers in the Ethnomoda festival is very important for them, because all major creative ethno-collectives from Siberia, the center and south of Russia, the Caucasus, Asia, Turkey and Europe gather in Maikop. Each of these regions has its own characteristics in the interpretation of the national costume. Those who are into fashion will have a rare chance to see this round dance of drawings and paints live! It is useful to have a discussion of the shown collections, which I definitely hold at each competition in order to give the participants the right guidelines and recommendations for development for the future. Also this year we plan to start work on a new important category, which will link ethnicity and fashion photography, I have been carrying this project for a long time!

What would you wish the participants of the jubilee "Ethnomod"?

- When creating ethnic collections, I advise designers not to be afraid to show their individuality - dissimilarity from others, the author's view, creative emancipation are very much appreciated in fashion today. Give up stereotypes in the interpretation of traditional images - you cannot preserve a tradition without developing it! Make friends with ethnics and contemporary conceptual art - they perfectly complement each other.

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