Alina Kabaeva On The Cover Of Vogue

Alina Kabaeva On The Cover Of Vogue
Alina Kabaeva On The Cover Of Vogue

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Video: Alina Kabaeva gala 2006 2023, February

On the cover of the January issue of Vogue magazine is the legendary Russian athlete, Olympic champion, State Duma deputy, TV presenter and simply beautiful Alina Kabaeva. In a short gold Balmain dress, bright makeup - and the most revealing interview she has given in years. Alina with her life "after sports" proved that a strong woman can achieve everything in life. To become a politician, to lead an author's program, to do charity work and at the same time maintain a victorious femininity. Alina's life is a subject of gossip and envy and at the same time is an example of the triumph of will. Traditionally, the covers of Russian Vogue are adorned by the leading top models. The January issue was a pleasant and significant exception to the rule.

Vogue Russia Editor-in-Chief Victoria Davydova: “Alina Kabaeva is one of the most famous women in the country. Olympic champion, TV presenter, successful young politician, very bright and very beautiful girl. At the same time, Kabaeva is a very closed person; she has not given an interview to any glossy magazine for more than three years. The interest in her is enormous. It is not surprising that Russian Vogue put it on the cover and devoted a lot of material to it, because fashion is not only the length of the skirt or the height of the heel, but also the characters that determine the time. I am very glad that Alina chose Vogue in order to talk about how she lives today. And I'm sure Vogue with her on the cover will be a huge hit with our readers."

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