Billionaire Saul Kerzner Showed Moscow What Hospitality Is

Billionaire Saul Kerzner Showed Moscow What Hospitality Is
Billionaire Saul Kerzner Showed Moscow What Hospitality Is
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On September 9, 2009, on the open terrace of the O2 Lounge of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, the main social figures of Moscow enjoyed a magnificent view and the last warm days - at a reception in honor of the first visit to Russia of hotel magnate Sol Kerzner.

For the famous 74-year-old owner of the famous Atlantis hotels and the One & Only luxury resorts chain, the trip to Russia became a kind of "return to the roots" - a real self-made man Sol Kerzner was born into a family of immigrants from Odessa. In addition, in recent years, Mr. Kerzner noted that there are more and more people from Russia among the wealthy guests of his hotels, and finally decided to personally visit our country.

A living legend of the hotel business, Sol Kerzner, even as a guest, managed to demonstrate to the sophisticated Moscow public the highest standard of hospitality - certainly not without the help of Eventica, which, being the official representative of Kerzner International in Russia and the CIS, organized a reception in the best traditions of Kerzner's famous projects.

A breathtaking panorama of the city center and the Kremlin sparkling with lights, delightful flower arrangements - floating orchids, glowing seashells and huge water installations - a tribute to the grandiose Atlantis The Palm project in Dubai, exquisite food and an incredibly friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Sol Kerzner brought with him the very spirit of luxury and the unique atmosphere of One & Only - the reception really resembled a resort party, where everyone forgot about everyday worries for a while and just enjoyed the conversation.

The ZventSventan group performed for the guests - one of the most unusual musical projects in Moscow: an incendiary mix of Russian folk with funky jazz. The vocal data of soloists Khristina Kuznetsova and Alena Romanova, combined with original arrangements from music producer Yuri Usachev, left no one indifferent.

«Гвоздем» же программы стала Девушка-Русалка – гимнастка, исполнявшая необыкновенный пластический танец в огромном «аквариуме» - полусфере, наполненной водой. Зрелище было настолько захватывающим, что гости не могли от него оторваться, несмотря на брызги, разлетавшиеся во все стороны во время выступления.

The very cream of secular Moscow came to pay their respects to Mr. Kerzner - each of which is in its own way One & Only: Alena Doletskaya, Oleg Tinkov, Emin Agalarov, Tatyana Mikhalkova, Sergey Soloviev, Nikolai Uskov, Regina von Fleming, Anastasia Volochkova, Maxim Pokrovsky with his wife Tatyana, the group "Brilliant", Marina Demchenko, Maxim Kashulinsky, Bozena Rynska, Olga Kokorekina, Ekaterina Rednikova, Alexey Nemov, Vladimir Kiselev, David Yakobashvili, Alexander Shenkman, Yulia Vizgalina, Mila Kuzina and many others. Sheikh Sultan Ben Khalifa Ben Zayed Al Nahyan also attended the reception.

The special guest of the evening was the beautiful Naomi Campbell, a close friend of Saul Kerzner.

Saul Kerzner, Chairman of the Management Board and Chief Executive Officer of Kerzner International: “My visit to Moscow was an exciting event for me. I am glad to see guests again who have stayed at our hotels several times in the past. We look forward to welcoming guests from Russia to our Atlantis The Palm, One & Only resorts, as well as the new Mazagan Resort in Morocco, which will open this year."

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