Andrey Pezhich. From Men To Women

Andrey Pezhich. From Men To Women
Andrey Pezhich. From Men To Women
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Video: Male to Female Transition | Andrej Pejic 2023, February

After a long lull, news about the famous model Andrei Pezhich appeared on the network. It turns out that now the popular model should be called Andrea - the Australian of Bosnian descent underwent a course of sex reassignment surgery.

Andrea wrote on her social media pages: “I want to take this opportunity and thank you all for your love and support over the years. You all helped me to go through this path and learn a lot of new things. It is very important to talk about it publicly, because I have not become a different person: I have the same face, the same personality. It makes no difference, I just changed sex."

Recall that a few years ago, in the wake of Andrei's popularity, the men's magazine FHM included him in the list of the sexiest women in the world. It turned out that the journalists were not so far from the truth. Andrea was finally able to define her gender identity and now feels like a more holistic person.

To her message to fans, the newly minted girl added: “I know how difficult it is, I went through it myself. You should remember that it is your right to be accepted and live in harmony with yourself. You all deserve respect, just like any other person on this planet. As a transsexual woman, I hope to show that you can be a happy and successful person after the transition.”

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