Andrey Pezhich And Beyonce In The July Gloss

Andrey Pezhich And Beyonce In The July Gloss
Andrey Pezhich And Beyonce In The July Gloss
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The world has been in search of a new gender for half a century. First, there was a wave of female emancipation, which entailed a love for androgynous women and regular bursts of fashion for male style. Now men are taking revenge - Lea T is not interesting to anyone, because the man is only in the past, but the rising star of the fashion world Andrei Pezhich is already an iconic figure.

An extremely feminine and very handsome young man of Serbian origin, now living in Australia, became a model in 2008 in his second homeland, and in early 2010 he arrived in London, where STORM agency instantly signed a contract with him, and two days later he was filming for the cover of Dazed & Confused … Andrei did what other male models had not been able to do before, and this is not even going out in a wedding dress in the Gaultier show (I immediately recall our Danila Polyakov in Masha Tsigal's wedding dress), but shooting for Vogue.

In July Andrey will add another achievement to his list - the cover of the Ukrainian L`Officiel. Looking at how joyfully the editors of fashion magazines destroy canons and stereotypes, I want to believe that soon all men will understand that being beautiful and well-groomed is fashionable! Not to mention that it is much more pleasant for the looks and smell of the women around them, who, fortunately, also cease to believe that a real man should be "a little more beautiful than a monkey."

Women also make a counter move: first, Lady Gaga starred in the male role for Japanese Vogue Homme, and in July Beyoncé will appear on the cover of L'Uomo Vogue - of course, she will not be accepted as a man, but the style clearly reminds of one of the first preachers of "courageous femininity "Marlene Dietrich.

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