Anna Chapman Brand For Russian Designers

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Anna Chapman Brand For Russian Designers
Anna Chapman Brand For Russian Designers
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New opportunities and horizons are opened by the Anna Chapman Brand. And not only for its customers, but also for young Russian designers. Collaboration with talents throughout Russia is part of the company's social mission.

We are pleased to present to you the joint capsule collection of the Anna Chapman Brand and the designer Ekaterina Kenzhaeva-Pavlukhina.

An unexpected victory in a prestigious competition for stylists, a fateful move to Moscow from Omsk and a clean slate in an unfamiliar city. Just six months ago, Catherine and her family abandoned everything in their small homeland to fulfill their dream: to create clothes for girls from all over Russia here in the capital.

How and why did you move to Moscow? After all, here you had to start all over again

We realized that we want to develop further. Who does not take risks - he does not drink champagne! We left everything there, sold the apartment, left the business. And now a new city, new conditions. Instead of their own housing - rented. The first 6 months were hard enough, but it was worth it.

We have a small child, here he is constantly with us. Once he even fell asleep on rolls of fabric that we took from the warehouse. Now, when he hears the word "fabrics" he says: "No, no, I will stay at home!" The phrases "We are on business" and "You will see that in the store when we arrive there" will not fool him. When we are going to our seamstress, he can say: "Leave me at home, please!" The son promises: "I'll wait for you, honestly!" - and he is only 5 years old.

When did you realize that making clothes is your life's business?

I received a higher education in design, but I did not immediately start to work closely with design. Two years ago I decided to take part in the international competition “Nevskie Berega” among stylists. And she won a victory in it! Although until recently I did not realize that this was possible, I was sure: the results in such competitions were bought, and the winner was chosen in advance. But, despite this, I tried very hard. I manually embroidered the cuffs, tore off the beads and sewed them on again, carefully creating details for the clothes from the image. And after the victory, I was invited to teach stylistics in my native Omsk.

A little later, I decided to open my own showroom. There should have been things from designers from my home university - OGIS, as well as from Turkey and China. And now, finally, the premises are ready, the equipment is ready - and the first batch comes from Asia. I unpacked it and just burst into tears! The quality was terrible, it did not correspond at all to what was stated in the pictures. You couldn't sell it.

And I decided to resume my old skills. Then I did two or three things a day, and once I began to notice that in 10 minutes I was sewing one hat.

What has cooperation with the Anna Chapman brand become for you?

The Anna Chapman brand for me is an example of Russianness, it is a very high level. I am incredibly grateful to Anna for the opportunity she gave us. To me it's just "Wow-Wow-wow"! Pure emotions.


I always wanted new horizons, but we did not know specific paths. Everything was at the level of dreams, aspirations. If not for this project, we might not have mustered the courage to sew large batches.

I am grateful that Anna believed in me, that my husband never stopped believing in me. After all, it was he who went to the Anna Chapman store and offered cooperation. By the way, now he has learned to pick up threads for fabrics. After all, I am in charge of the creative side, and he is in charge of the business side. In this regard, we complement each other.


At that time, I did not even think that making a joint collection with such a large brand was real, because then we had just arrived from Omsk.

Despite my doubts, long before the confirmation of cooperation, I rendered the entire "capsule". There was no final decision on us for a long time and we realized: we must let go of this idea. And then everything worked out! A call from the Anna Chapman company, negotiations, work, and now this day has come - our things have already gone to shops.

What is the capsule collection for the Anna Chapman brand? What can you wear these things with?

These things should be the foundation of your wardrobe. After all, they can be of different styles. Feel free to combine them with rough boots, with stiletto heels, with boots. If you add a belt or a leather jacket, you get a different look! This season I will be wearing these dresses with summer boots, sneakers and sandals.


Each of the dresses is the king of versatility. By varying accessories, you can get several dresses from one. In the morning you go to work in it, wearing ballet flats, and in the evening you go to a party, changing into your shoes.

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