Anna Chapman Is The New Bond Girl

Anna Chapman Is The New Bond Girl
Anna Chapman Is The New Bond Girl
Video: Anna Chapman Is The New Bond Girl
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In June, the US authorities announced the disclosure of a network of 11 Russian spies, including 4 married couples. All of them left their homeland for more than 10 years and, according to the American authorities, were engaged in the transfer of state secrets in favor of the Russian intelligence services. For such crimes, 5 years of imprisonment are required, but this was not enough. The "scouts" were charged with money laundering, and this is another 20 years. Despite such serious accusations, they were sent back to Moscow, in exchange for four Russian prisoners accused of spying for the American secret services.

The New York Times commented: "People who have passed on secrets for over 10 years have been sent back."

Simon Jenkins of The Guardian writes: “The FBI and CIA destroyed a Russian intelligence operation worth millions of dollars, but produced nothing that could be reflected in the New York Times coverage. I'm sure they paid taxes. It's funny that these people could pose a threat to the American people."

But the biggest part of the "spy" fame went to the charming Anna Chapman. The whole world is in awe of the "highly skilled agent," as Federal Attorney Michael Farbiarz characterized Chapman.

The New York Daily Post was able to find irrefutable evidence of AnnChapman's espionage by posting a photograph of her taken from the Russian Odnoklassniki website in a VictoriSecret corset: "This is a sexy casting profile for yet another Bond girl."

Newspaper headlines are full of news: "From Russia in mittens,", "Soviet intelligence officers from the suburbs of America - a new scenario for Hollywood!"

All that remains is to select the actors. Nicole Kidman may not be the 28th Russian spy, but Amy Adams is. It's even easier with Bond - this is, of course, a stylish and sexy scout, Mikhail Semenko.

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