Kournikova Outshined Everyone At The Dublin Fashion Show

Kournikova Outshined Everyone At The Dublin Fashion Show
Kournikova Outshined Everyone At The Dublin Fashion Show
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World tennis stars participated in a fashion show in Dublin. The goal of the action was noble - all the proceeds will go to help children who suffered from the 1986 Chernobyl radiation disaster.

According to Reuters, Anna Kournikova, Serena and Venus Williams walked the catwalk alongside professional models in exquisite toilets. Suits and dresses from Irish and internationally recognized fashion houses such as Escad and John Rocha were showcased by supermodels Tyra Banks, Sophie Dahl and Jody Kidd.

An extravagant show in the Irish capital has become a real treat, first of all, for the fans of the Russian tennis player, who is more often featured in the gossip than in the first places in the sports ratings table.

After participating in a fashion show, tennis players will have to cross their rackets in the Europe versus USA competition. Sharing the joy of the Russian men's team that won the Davis Cup last week, Kournikova may well finally show her best athletic qualities and lead Europe to victory in the Collins Cup. According to experts, the new cup is for tennis players the equivalent of the Ryder Cup in golf.

In an interview with supermodel Sophie Dahl, the granddaughter of a famous children's writer, when asked about possible competition between tennis stars and models, she reacted very restrainedly. Many representatives of the fashion world, Dahl admits, raise their eyebrows with skepticism at the sight of numerous photographs of Kournikova in fashion magazines.

Dahl herself said: `` It doesn't annoy me at all if an actress appears on the title page of a magazine, the same attitude I have towards tennis players. I will not go out and I will not play tennis, because I will not be able to do it. If someone is good at posing, why not.

As noted by the BBC, Kournikova walked the catwalk in a white dress from Escada. As those present at the show noticed, at some point, the tennis player almost stumbled due to the fact that her outfit was too long. However, the athlete, known for her relaxedness, immediately lifted her dress and continued the defile.

All experts agreed that in this competition, unlike tennis, Kournikova had no equal. The vast majority of the photos published after this show were dedicated to the Russian woman. Sophie Dahl, Jody Kidd, Tyra Banks, and the Williams sisters remained in the shadows.


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