Alexander Vasiliev Spoke About The Main Trends Of The New Season

Alexander Vasiliev Spoke About The Main Trends Of The New Season
Alexander Vasiliev Spoke About The Main Trends Of The New Season
Video: Alexander Vasiliev Spoke About The Main Trends Of The New Season

On November 26, at the Department Store of the HC "Leipzig" a lecture was held by the fashion historian and TV presenter Alexander Vasiliev "Getting ready for the New Year! Fashion Trends 2015 ". At the lecture, Alexander Vasiliev spoke not only about wardrobe items, but also about what makes up the image as a whole: makeup, haircut, manicure. Make-up should be dominated by naturalness - this is a sign of self-confidence. The peak of fashion is bushy eyebrows, unpainted eyes and natural red lips. Modesty is the landmark for this year. Blurry makeup is popular even in an evening look. Also, Alexander Vasiliev drew attention to the fact that youth is out of fashion. Fashion began to focus more on established people.

Actual colors of the season are black, gray, white, red. Black is good: in lace, wool, tulle, textiles. Black looks rich and doesn't get boring like bright colors. The color of the clothes should be in harmony with the color of your hair and eyes. For the older age group, powdery pink and dark pink tones are good. For men this season, gray is preferable: "You can't see dirt on gray," jokes Alexander Vasiliev. The color of New Year's Eve is red with the addition of black accessories. Among the graphics, the leading animal print on a light brown or gray background. Alexander Vasiliev noted that all these colors can be found on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the HC Leipzig Department Store.

The main style of the season is retro with a time range from the 1920s to the early 2000s; fashion for everything well forgotten old. In the men's wardrobe, an honorable place is occupied by: pullovers, turtlenecks, sweatshirts. Classic shirts with ties have been losing ground for a long time. The tie is replaced by a bow tie. A shirt in a check or striped muted colors in the style of "Canadian lumberjack" is a great gift for a man. After all, today the brutal heritage style is in vogue for the stronger sex. Both in men's and women's fashion, the military style is popular - khaki-colored clothing with shoulder straps, patch pockets, metal buttons; stand collar; wide fit. The past fashion weeks have brought menswear into the women's wardrobe. The style of the winner is wide-shouldered men's jackets of dark colors made of coarse fabrics (drape, tweed, boucle,wool) instead of fitted jackets with darts. There is something alluring about such closeness, according to leading fashion houses. By the way, about the leading houses: the first line of the Escada brand appeared in the Department Store of HC Leipzig!

As a New Year's outfit, Alexander Vasiliev advised a luxurious lace guipure dress, or a translucent transparent dress. New Year's Eve is the very case when you can surprise everyone with extravagant shoes that are not suitable for everyday wear.

Be sure to replenish your wardrobe with a pair of turtlenecks - white, gray, black, red, dark blue, yellow. Also on the Must-Have list are leather or woolen shorts and dark tight tights; as well as black opaque leggings with high boots. “Mini can be worn up to 99 years old, but show only up to 50. After 50, show only to my husband!” - advises Alexander Vasiliev.

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