Photo Exhibition Of The Famous Photographer Vladimir Shirokov “Laos. Hearts And Smiles "

Photo Exhibition Of The Famous Photographer Vladimir Shirokov “Laos. Hearts And Smiles "
Photo Exhibition Of The Famous Photographer Vladimir Shirokov “Laos. Hearts And Smiles "
Video: Photo Exhibition Of The Famous Photographer Vladimir Shirokov “Laos. Hearts And Smiles "
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The Metropolis shopping center will host a charitable exhibition “Laos. Hearts and Smiles”, organized by Pampers and UNICEF within the project“1 Pack = 1 Vaccine”. Laotian children and women will become its main characters: smiling from the pictures taken by the famous photographer Vladimir Shirokov, they will convey an important message to the Russians

How to say thank you in Lao? To answer this question, it is not necessary to speak all 49 dialects of this country. You just need to look at the pictures of Lao children and mothers taken by Vladimir Shirokov as part of the Pampers and UNICEF project "1 Pack = 1 Vaccine", the goal of which is to combat neonatal tetanus. Anyone can see these photos: from February 1 to March 1, 2011, a unique photo exhibition will be held in the Metropolis shopping center, timed to coincide with the new stage of the charity event.

Cheerful and happy faces, wide smiles, radiant eyes, hands folded in the shape of a heart … Dozens of portraits of Lao babies and their mothers were shot by Vladimir Shirokov in early December during a trip to one of the poorest Asian countries, where newborn babies die from tetanus every year. The main goal of this trip was to see how the "1 pack = 1 vaccine" program is being implemented and to see how everyone in need receives the vaccines that were purchased with the proceeds from the campaign.

Vladimir Shirokov was the official photographer of the Russian delegation. Together with him, representatives of Pampers and UNICEF went to Laos, as well as journalists from leading social and political publications and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Oksana Fedorova.

They visited the cities of Vientiane and Luang Prabang, and then went to the remote provinces of Laos, whose residents have difficulty accessing doctors and medicines.

“Tetanus is a disease that people learned to prevent decades ago: just one vaccination is enough. However, he continues to kill, choosing as victims the most defenseless - newborn children and their mothers. In countries like Laos, childbirth often takes place in unsanitary conditions: this is how tetanus bacteria enter the blood of the baby and mother. And the vaccine that could save their lives is not available to everyone,”said Oksana Fedorova.

Thanks to the large-scale charitable campaign Pampers and UNICEF "1 pack = 1 vaccine", in which dozens of countries, including Russia, participate, hundreds of thousands of women and children from poor countries have got a chance to live. Residents of Laos conveyed their gratitude to everyone who did not remain indifferent to their misfortune through the camera of Vladimir Shirokov.

“The people caught in my lens know firsthand what poverty and disease are. But they also know what love and gratitude are. The word “thank you” pronounced in the language of photography is understandable to everyone. And this gratitude is addressed to all Russians who took part in the action "1 package = 1 vaccine," said Vladimir Shirokov.

Opening ceremony of the exhibition “Laos. Hearts and Smiles ", which will be held in support of the campaign" 1 package = 1 vaccine "will take place on February 1 at 19.00 in the Metropolis shopping center at the address: Leningradskoe shosse, 16 A, bldg. 4.

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