Art Project Of Vladimir Shirokov "Stars As Flowers. Part One"

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Art Project Of Vladimir Shirokov "Stars As Flowers. Part One"
Art Project Of Vladimir Shirokov "Stars As Flowers. Part One"

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Opening September 10, 2009

Gallery Margo-Art (Moscow, Davydkovskaya 3, building 1)

On September 10 in Moscow, in the gallery of contemporary art "MARGO-ART", the fifth personal exhibition of the photographer Vladimir Shirokov and his first full-fledged ART-PROJECT will open. the previous ones were a beautiful compilation of portraits of stars, shot by him for various glossy publications.

Shirokov's exhibitions "Just Stars", "Hello! Stars!" and "Black and White. Stars!", which took place in 2007, 2008, 2009, broke all records in terms of the number of visitors, mentions in the media and celebrities who came to them.


ART-project "STARS AS FLOWERS. Part One" is Vladimir's attempt to reflect the soul and inner world of each star without photographing her portrait. These are the photographed associations of stars in the form of different COLORS. Only associations! Most of them are gentle, subtle, sometimes ironic and even humorous.

ABOUT GUESTS:The heroes of the exhibition will come to see their "portraits" directly, many of whom, after years of joint creative photo sessions, have become friends of Vladimir Shirokov. On September 10, the Margo-Art gallery will gather all the color of Russian culture, sports and show business: Alla Pugacheva, Maxim Galkin, Philip Kirkorov, Zhanna Friske, Glucose, Tina Kandelaki, Sergey Lazarev, Renata Litvinova, Fedor Bondarchuk, Dima Bilan, Olesya Sudzilovskaya, Dmitry Dyuzhev, Ksenia Sobchak, Alena Sviridova, Stas Piekha, Dmitry Koldun, Anfisa Chekhova, Anna Semenovich, Christina Orbakaite, Olga Shelest, Pelageya and many other stars. After all, the exhibition of Vladimir Shirokov is not only an important cultural event, but also an incredible social event, to which the attention of the press and celebrities is always drawn. The motto "To the exhibition, as to a holiday"suitable for Shirokov's events in the best possible way.


Without the works of this photographer, it is already impossible to imagine the magazines L'Officiel, Hello !, Cosmopolitan, OK, Top beauty, Harpers Bazaar, Mini, Pro Sport, Brownie and many others.

Shirokov's finest hour came in the middle of the turbulent 90s, when press kiosks were full of novelties - the magazines Cosmopolitan, Domovoy, and "gloss" came to the life of post-Soviet Russia.

"Cool Girl became my first magazine, and my first" star "model Zhanna Friske, - says the photographer, - Then there were - Alsou, Alisa Mon, Tanya Bulanova …"

Today, ten years later, Vladimir Shirokov is one of the most famous and sought-after Russian photographers. A photo session with Shirokov is a kind of pass to the world of "big stars" for dozens of novice singers and actors."

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